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May 2019

We now have a meeting hub! Do you have questions or want to talk, you can meet us at the Meeting Tower. The Meeting Tower is based of great Mozilla Hubs. You can connect with the mobile phone, computer orĀ  VR headset (best way). We are not always spontaneously ready, ask for an appointment. Let's meet!  

The tower has been updated! Menus, instructions and informations are clearer. There is only one monitor with a selection of topics. There is a tutorial now, it simplifies settings and functions for beginners. Now kick targets can be adjusted separately. Finally, targets and defense objects are stopped, when the menu is active. No more headbangingšŸ„“Ā during changing settings! At the end, after deactivation, all played artists will be shown with images.   Try out the tower, only the supermedium browser supports all features! Maybe you need to delete the cache!