Workout in Virtual Reality with the Vertical Climber


General information about the Vertical Climber

The training is time-saving. A fast full body workout for maximum efficiency. The use of a Vertical Climber, also known as Maxi Climber, makes training more efficient and the main muscle groups are trained at the same time.

The Vertical Climber is a fitness equipment for high calorie consumption and stimulates the metabolism. The workout increases the VO2 max. A 30-minute workout burns between 300 and 800 calories. Different types of training can be implemented. More focused strength training or more cardio.

Warming up and cooling down can be done on the same machine. Just start and end with lighter movements.

Has little impact on the body. You can choose your own speed and intensity. It can be stopped at any time without any kickback or resistance from the device. The Vertical Climber is well suited for people with joint or back problems and is very low-impact.


The training is also suitable for beginners. After a short time the movements are familiar and physical successes are visible soon.

An efficient full body workout. Shoulders, arms, back, core, legs and buttocks are trained. Combining cardio and strength training helps you burn calories and fat even after cooling down.

The Vertical Climber is an inexpensive equipment that can be used well at home. It can be folded up for storage and is not difficult to transport or move. The most famous brand is probably the Maxi Climber.


Amazon offers for a Vertical Climber :
MaxiClimber Classic
MaxiClimber XL-2000

Vertical Climber workout in 2021

The Vertical Climber has been around since the 80s, but in 2021 of course it will be used for fitness in Virtual Reality. For example with our XR Cardio Units it is very suitable.
It’s a strenuous and efficient workout and can be done well at home or in the fitness center. The movements for a change of direction can be implemented well because you can stop spontaneously. It is recommended to stop and then change direction.

Light movements for long distances and powerful movements, for example for a sprint to catch up with a spider at the Energy Protector or to flee from a monster, can be implemented.

It’s fun to change direction. In the elevated position, the view and overview is good and it is easy to take a bend. It is essential to test beforehand how far you can lean to the side and always be aware of it. Tipping over can be dangerous for people and the equipment. The Vertical Climber can be fixed for safety. But normally it’s standing is good enough.

Tracking works fine and the controllers do not disturb the movements. The controllers can be worn comfortably on the wrists and also work well when you change your grip.

It works well with all VR headsets, of course the Oculus Quest is ideal, as the Vertical Climber can be set up anywhere.

XR Cardio Energy Protector

Brief information on what Energy Protector is all about: There are spiders that gnaw at the borders and steal energy. When they have enough energy they jump away and the energy is lost. You have to touch them before they jump away to steal the energy back. You have charged this energy and you need to bring it to the center. There is a flying monster chasing you. If it bites you, you lose the charged energy.

Here is a video of a workout with the XR Cardio Energy Protector.

If you have a VR headset and a Vertical Climber or another fitness device, then try it out yourself It’s free with no installation. Runs directly in the browser.