A great advertising opportunity for virtual reality fitness target group. We now offer the opportunity to advertise with Zesty on our website and in our WebXR units.

We have in-game space and website space for your NFT ads. You can buy it from Zesty Market, the digital space rental markets. It is live on the internet of the blockchains of Polygon Ethereum.


What is the Zesty Market

Zesty Market is a monetization platform for Internet communities, owned by Internet communities. Their goal is to provide creators with a method of capturing the value that they create without dependence on a centralized platform.
Read more at Zesty Market website how it works.


Easily explained

You register on Zesty, there you create your advertising banner. Via the auction, such as ours, you buy the advertising space for a certain period of time. It’s an auction, the price will get lower over time. But it can also happen, that the advertising space may be taken if you wait too long. If you have bought an advertising space, your advertising banner will then be displayed in the spaces at the times you bought. Payment is made with crypto currency, everything automatically and without intermediaries or service.


Our advertising spaces

We will gradually add advertising space to our content. We will have three types of ad placements: menu placement (VR), environment placement (VR) and website placement.

Here you get to our auction

Here you will find information about where your advertising will be placed