Using a Suspension Trainer in Virtual Reality

What is a Suspension Trainer

The Suspension Trainer is a belt system with loops and handles that can stand and lie down. Also known as TRX, Suspension Training, and other names. During Suspension Workout, you hold on to grips with your hands or hang your feet into the loops.
With Suspension Workout, you only train with your body weight. Training with the Suspension Trainer is one of the most effective full-body workouts.

Some parts of the body are floating and others are on the ground. The body is not fixed and it needs to be balanced. Different body weight exercises are performed in different positions. It’s great functional training and core training with lots of possible exercises.

Advantages due to unstable position

Your body has to keep its balance during training because of the instability. As a result, the training stimuli are higher than with classic bodyweight training. The core is trained intensively, and the deep muscles are activated. The instability is the advantage over conventional training.
However, it assumes that there is good body tension and coordination. This can be a disadvantage for beginners. The entire core has to be tense so as not to lose balance.
The constant tension also trains the core of the body. By activating the deep muscles, stronger muscles develop and promote better posture. Smaller, deeper muscles can be trained, which are difficult to control in classic training. In addition, you strengthen your entire body and strengthen your core.

Coordination and agility

Your senses are sharpened and you are at full concentration to control your muscles. The Suspension Trainer can also be used as a support to give more stability during some exercises to train the body tension.


Lose weight and burn calories

You can also burn calories and lose weight with the Suspension Trainer. It is easy to change the intensity of the exercise. All you have to do is change your position to make your body less heavy to perform the exercise. It is a full-body workout that you can use to burn calories efficiently.
Depending on the angle you have to the ropes, and how close or far you stand, you can change the difficulty level. So the exercises can easily adapt the exercises to your goals. You can train with a lightweight for a more cardio-oriented workout or a heavy one for muscle building. It is also easy to use for supersets.

Training of muscle chains

If you can do exercises, you can train muscle chains. That means the interaction of several muscles and not individual isolated muscles. In order to hold the position, you have to contract several muscles at the same time. In contrast to dumbbell training, everyday movements and loads are more likely to be trained.

Simple, time and space-saving

The Suspension Trainer is easy to use, you just need a bracket to attach it to. It doesn’t take up a lot of space because your body is the weight to train. You can take it with you anywhere and train with it, indoors or outdoors. A tree, a door, there are many mounting options.


Lots of exercises for your training

There are many exercises that you can do with the Suspension Trainer. You can put together a varied workout for yourself. You can train specific muscle groups in a targeted manner. You can combine different trainings.


The beginner training

You need basics and good body tension. The Suspension Trainer can be challenging and should be done correctly. You should approach carefully and just hold the positions at the beginning.
If you have no fitness experience, you should learn the basics with a personal trainer or in a fitness center. You should also warm-up before you start with the training.
Split training is also recommended. You should put together a full-body training plan in which different muscle groups are trained on different days per week. A 1-2 daybreak should be planned between the training days for sufficient regeneration of the muscles. You should also avoid overuse.

Fast training success

Especially when you start to train with the Suspension Trainer, successes are quickly visible and noticeable. It is an ideal addition to other sports and fitness exercises.


No Suspension Trainer yet, here you can find TRX Suspension Trainer offers:

Suspension Training in the virtual world

Training in the virtual world works quite well. The controllers on your wrists and the headset do not interfere while training with the suspensions. The straps give you additional stability and help with your balance. You can move around and exhaust yourself.
The immersive feeling is quite solid and fun, especially when you hang out on the ropes.
But you should always make sure beforehand that the Suspension Trainer is fixed and that you have enough space. It is also recommended for advanced users and, with caution, for beginners.

Pros and cons in VR

The advantages arise among other things from the animated virtual world and the gaming behavior you forget the pain and train more and longer than if you would do it in reality. You have more ambition because you have to achieve something. You’re more likely to add a sentence than to stop early.
It also lets you quickly distract yourself psychologically from everyday life and strengthen and liberate you spiritually. Especially when you train in your apartment or other cramped places.
The disadvantage is that in VR only a limited number of exercises can be carried out due to the risk. It is also not ideal for training with exercises that require different belt lengths. Setting this is not that easy and you may have to switch to reality, which can break the virtual feeling.
In any case, it is excellent for a change and for fun training.

Our available cardio units

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You have to touch them to steal the energy back before they jump away. You have charged this energy and you need to bring it to the center. There is a flying monster chasing you. If it bites you, you lose the charged energy.


Here is a video of a workout with the XR Unit Energy Protector:

A-Catapulto: You are on a catapult. All around are towers that are attacked by creatures and you have to hit them with the catapult. The movements on the MaxiClimber cock the catapult.


Here is a video of a training session with the XR Unit A-Catapulto:

If you have a VR headset and a MaxiClimber or another fitness device, then try it out yourself. It’s free with no installation. Works directly in the browser.

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