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About Towermax Fitness Workout

Towermax Fitness

is a free soundbased online virtual reality workout for boxers, martial arts and fitness enthusiasts

The basic elements are cross, hook and uppercut punches, kicks, squats, steps, running, dodge and other movements.

You workout on top of a tower, which gets higher with your good performance.

There are targets to hit and objects to avoid.

You need to have experience in shadow boxing and workout training. It is not easy suitable for beginners. Beginners are welcome for sure, but have to be very careful.

You need a
vr headset and an webxr/webvr supported browser


Train like a cyborg


The Tower

Attack - Defense - Movement


The targets are shown by the colors orange (left fist) and blue (right fist).
The number on the targets will show you the order of the combo.

There are targets to hit by cross, uppercut and hook.

The targets are just as a reference. Use your rhythm, your movements, your technique!

In front of you, you will see a display which indicates at which position the targets appear.
Each hit will let the tower get a bit higher.


By dodging and sidestepping you will be prevented to be hit by the yellow objects.
If you have been hit by an object, the tower will get a bit smaller again.


There are sequences where you can run / step or do other moves also when standing. There will appear a red treadmill.



You can adjust the height, the distance and the range of the targets.


You can adjust the position and angle of the fists to your controller.


You can choose the interval speed of the appearance of the targets.


You can set the difficulty level of the combos or the random selection.


You can choose the type of sound to be played or a random selection.

Red stars

You can see red stars in the universe, these are other people who are currently working out. Work hard so that your tower is big and your star will be brighter.


You can register as a member for free.


You can edit or create tracklists. You can choose random playing and unheard tracks playing first.


As a logged in member your workout will be recorded, so you can see your workout statistics. As a Pro member the workout statistics are more detailed.

Interval timers (Pro)

As a Pro member you can edit or create interval timers.

Heart rate sensor (Pro)

As a Pro Member you can connect your bluetooth heart rate sensor with the tower. You will see your actual, min/max and average heart rate. You can also see your burned calories.

Personal tower (Pro)

You can generate a personal tower for you or your gym.

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