Eaglefit PRO EMS additional suit

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eaglefit PRO EMS additional suit, extension with another EMS stretch suit

Extension for the Eaglefit PRO EMS System. With this additional suit, you can expand your existing Eaglefit PRO EMS System to include another suit, allowing, for example, your partner to train as well.

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Simply choose “PayPal” as your payment method and select a suitable term of 3, 6, 12, or 24 months with an effective interest rate of 0.00%.

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Eaglefit PRO EMS System – High-Tech training at home, in the studio, or on the go!

With the further developed Eaglefit PRO EMS System, you can strengthen your muscles and reduce body fat – all within your own four walls, in a hotel, at the gym, or while exercising outdoors. The wireless PRO EMS suit with 24 dry silicone electrodes is perfect for home and travel. If you are already familiar with EMS, you will feel and love the difference!

Train your body optimally and very efficiently in just 20 minutes per session – whenever and wherever YOU want. Transform any place into your workout zone – with or without VR glasses!

No matter if your goal is muscle building, endurance, fitness, weight loss, returning to sports after surgery or with limited mobility, relaxation, or fat reduction, you will find the appropriate training programs and settings in the (free) app. You can perform all movements and workouts both indoors and outdoors. Your imagination knows no bounds: jogging, boxing, cycling, yoga, sling training, HIIT, or bodyweight training is possible.


This EMS suit sets new standards:

  • Latest EMS technology with 24 electrodes
  • Large electrodes for the major muscle groups
  • New shoulder electrodes (deltoid muscle)
  • Longer abdominal electrodes positioned outward to activate the lateral abdominal muscles more strongly => waist
  • An additional pair of electrodes located below and above the navel targets the middle abdominal muscles specifically => six-pack
  • The number and arrangement of electrodes provide a significantly more intense, deep-acting training that is even more fun

Expansion of your existing Eaglefit PRO EMS System with an additional PRO EMS suit. Application example:

Person 1 (size L) and Person 2 (size XS) want to train alternately with the PRO EMS system at home or on the go.

In this case, there is no need to buy 2 complete systems. One complete PRO EMS System and this additional suit are sufficient.

With this setup, only one person can train at a time. Each person can install the app on their phone and save their settings. Only one person can be connected to and train with the PRO EMS POWERBox at any given time.

If you later decide to use another PRO EMS POWERBox to train together, you can purchase the second POWERBox through this link: www.eaglefit.de/a-2072


Find the right size for your EMS suit using the following table:

Eaglefit PRO EMS additional suit 2

Note that the Eaglefit EMS suit should fit snugly and the material is stretchable. If in doubt, choose the smaller size. For example, if your measurements are chest 108, waist 98, and hips 101, we recommend “XL” – considering that you will likely reduce your waist size quickly.


Scope of delivery:

  • Eaglefit PRO EMS suit
  • Waist belt
  • Laundry bag



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