Eaglefit PRO EMS complete system with 24 electrodes

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Eaglefit PRO EMS System – The high-end full-body workout, newly developed – now with 24 dry electrodes.

Train your body efficiently with this wireless, mobile EMS dry suit. Activate your deep muscles, boost your metabolism, and reduce your body fat – all in just 20 minutes per session! And the best part: You can do your workout whenever it suits YOU and wherever YOU want.

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Eaglefit PRO EMS System – High-Tech training at home, in the studio, or on the go!

With the further developed Eaglefit PRO EMS System, you can strengthen your muscles and reduce body fat – all within your own four walls, in a hotel, at the gym, or while exercising outdoors. The wireless PRO EMS suit with 24 dry silicone electrodes is perfect for home and travel. If you are already familiar with EMS, you will feel and love the difference!

Train your body optimally and very efficiently in just 20 minutes per session – whenever and wherever YOU want. Transform any place into your workout zone – with or without VR glasses!

No matter if your goal is muscle building, endurance, fitness, weight loss, returning to sports after surgery or with limited mobility, relaxation, or fat reduction, you will find the appropriate training programs and settings in the (free) app. You can perform all movements and workouts both indoors and outdoors. Your imagination knows no bounds: jogging, boxing, cycling, yoga, sling training, HIIT, or bodyweight training is possible.


Find the right size for your EMS suit using the following table:

Eaglefit PRO EMS complete system with 24 electrodes 5

Note that the Eaglefit EMS suit should fit snugly and the material is stretchable. If in doubt, choose the smaller size. For example, if your measurements are chest 108, waist 98, and hips 101, we recommend “XL” – considering that you will likely reduce your waist size quickly.


This EMS suit sets new standards:

  • Latest EMS technology with 24 electrodes
  • Large electrodes for the major muscle groups
  • New shoulder electrodes (deltoid muscle)
  • Longer abdominal electrodes positioned outward to activate the lateral abdominal muscles more strongly => waist
  • An additional pair of electrodes located below and above the navel targets the middle abdominal muscles specifically => six-pack
  • The number and arrangement of electrodes provide a significantly more intense, deep-acting training that is even more fun

General benefits of EMS training:

  • The intensity of muscle stimulation is absolutely comparable to or better than that of stationary devices in the EMS studio.
  • Each of the 12 muscle groups can be individually adjusted.
  • You can move freely and take the suit anywhere.
  • Initially, 1x 20 minutes per week is sufficient.
  • After an 8-10 week acclimatization period, you can perform 2-3 training sessions per week.
  • The POWERBox is freely usable, not limited to a specific number of trainings per day or week.
  • Your 12 major muscle groups are stimulated simultaneously and can be controlled individually; settings can be saved in an unlimited number of profiles.
  • Highly efficient, joint-friendly training of deep, supporting, and movement muscles in the shortest time.
  • Control the 24 electrodes easily with our POWERBox via the free Eaglefit app – also via the Apple Watch.
  • You have access to 8 predefined training programs and a customizable training.
  • All training settings can be saved in unlimited profiles on your device.
  • You have free access to our stored video training sessions.

And the best part: If you’ve had a tiring day, just lie down on the sofa. Choose the relaxation program and enjoy. Afterward, you will feel like a new person!

We also offer 0% financing.

0% financing through PayPal (only for Germany). Simply choose “PayPal” as the payment method and select a term of 3, 6, 12, or 24 months with an effective interest rate of 0.00%.


For your mobile EMS training you will need:

  • Your smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android) for our free Eaglefit app – now also compatible with the Apple Watch, which you can download and view now:
    Eaglefit PRO EMS complete system with 24 electrodes 6 Eaglefit PRO EMS complete system with 24 electrodes 7
  • Your Eaglefit EMS dry suit and the associated POWERBox

Starting EMS training:

  • Attach the smart Eaglefit POWERBox to the side of your Eaglefit EMS suit, which controls the sewn-in electrodes that target your muscles through nerves.
  • Connect the Eaglefit app with your smartphone, tablet, or Apple Watch.
  • Choose one of the predefined training programs: Fitness (strength/muscle building), Metabolism (cardio, muscle toning), Relaxation (light massage/recovery), individual pulse setting (e.g., according to your doctor’s or physiotherapist’s instructions), FatBurning (60 Hz during the pulse phase, 7 Hz during the break), video training (different exercises with your personal avatar according to your settings), HIIT (for participating in online training), Explosive Strength Training (to increase your explosive strength), or Mobility, our new muscle length training or even biokinematics in combination with EMS.
  • Then, set the training intensity for each muscle group individually and start your training. You can save all settings in freely definable profiles (unlimited) and load them later.

Scope of delivery:

  • Eaglefit PRO EMS suit
  • Eaglefit PRO EMS POWERBox
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Waist belt
  • Transport case for the entire EMS system
  • Transport case for the POWERBox
  • Free app for precise, professional control – both for Android from version 5.0 Lollipop and for iOS devices (iPhone from iPhone 7 / iPad / Apple Watch)
  • QR code for detailed digital instructions in German and English
  • EMS exercise poster in German and English
  • Laundry bag
  • Free access to stored video training sessions
  • Free, unlimited app updates

Safety note:

Persons under 18 years old, with heart problems or other cardiovascular conditions, electrical implants, metabolic disorders (e.g., type I or II diabetes, thyroid, liver, or kidney diseases), cancer, an abdominal wall or inguinal hernia, who are pregnant or undergoing chemotherapy, must NOT perform this training!


Background on EMS training:

In EMS training, we simulate the bio-currents that are usually sent from your brain through your central nervous system to your muscles. Your muscles cannot distinguish where the stimulus comes from – they contract. The currents sent via the electrodes are so low that they can easily be generated by our POWERBox. We do not need cables or a 220V socket for this!

The advantage of time-efficient EMS training is clear: Your muscles work without you having to lift heavy weights. This spares your joints, and you can even activate muscles in depth that are usually difficult to train, such as your supporting muscles in your back. Generally, muscle building and fat reduction are stimulated. The so-called sarcopenia, i.e., the loss of muscle mass in old age over 50, is counteracted.

Through regular training, you will notice that you walk more upright, have more strength in everyday life, and that your entire body becomes firmer and more athletic. Of course, this does not happen overnight, and you should not overdo the training – even if it is a lot of fun 😉

Train only once a week for 20 minutes in the first 10 weeks, after this time at least 48 hours should lie between training sessions. The reason for this lies in creatine kinase.


Short, non-medical explanation of creatine kinase (CK values):

Your muscles release waste products into the blood during exertion – the more exertion, the more waste products. This is not due to the current or EMS, but to the (desired) muscle exertion. Similar to after a marathon, it can be measured in your blood that CK values rise after a training session. The CK values are broken down by the liver and kidneys. To do this, you need to give your body about 48 hours and drink plenty of water (plain water without carbon dioxide or juice).

Again: CK values rise due to muscle work, not due to the current.

If you give your body the necessary time (also for regeneration) and take the contraindications seriously, you will get a perfect tool with the Eaglefit PRO EMS System, with which you can carry out health-promoting training without great effort and within a very short time. You can firm your body, build muscles, or reduce fat.


Explanation and studies on why back pain can be alleviated with EMS training:

Electromyostimulation (EMS) is a method of muscle stimulation that transmits electrical impulses to the muscle’s nerve fibers to trigger muscle fiber contraction. This stimulation can train, strengthen, and build muscles without placing high stress on the joints and spine. This can be particularly beneficial for people with back problems, as many back pains can be caused by weakness or instability of the back and abdominal muscles. EMS training can target and effectively train these muscles to stabilize the spine and improve posture.

Several studies investigate the effectiveness of EMS training in treating back pain. A 2017 meta-analysis that summarizes the results of several studies concludes that “EMS training can significantly improve pain, muscle strength, and physical function in patients with chronic nonspecific back pain” (source: Rabello et al., J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil, 2017).

Another study from 2016 found that EMS training can help improve muscle strength and clinical symptoms in older adults with chronic back pain (source: Kemmler et al., Aging Clin Exp Res, 2016).

EMS training can also help improve circulation and metabolism in the back area. By stimulating the muscles and tissue, blood flow and oxygen levels are increased, which can promote the healing and regeneration of injured or irritated tissue. This can also reduce pain and improve the flexibility and mobility of the spine.

Another possible mechanism through which EMS training can alleviate back pain is the reduction of stress and muscle tension. EMS training can help increase the release of endorphins and other relaxation hormones that can reduce pain and anxiety. Additionally, EMS training can help alleviate tension caused by the daily stress on the spine by specifically stimulating certain muscle areas.

Overall, there are several plausible hypotheses and studies suggesting that Eaglefit EMS training can be an effective method for alleviating back pain. However, further research is needed to explore the long-term effects and optimal conditions of the training.

Regular training with the EMS suit can help you reduce your measurements, build muscles, and reduce fat. You do not need expensive and unhealthy medications or even an injection for weight loss.


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