The tower is temporarily running again. It is a provisional version, there could be errors with the synchronization and not everything could work.

Free rhythm virtual reality tower workout for martial artist and fitness enthusiasts

Tower Workout

Get the Power of the Tower - Increase your strength and rhythm.

The Tower is the root of Towermax.Fitness and it’s been in since 2017. You work out on top of a tower, which gets higher with your good performance. There are targets to hit and objects to avoid. You need to have experience in shadow boxing and workout training. It is not easily suitable for beginners, it can be very intensive. But the tower has new a easy mode, now it’s beginner-friendly!

Workout with the Tower

The basic elements are cross, hook and uppercut punches, kicks, squats, steps, running, dodge and other movements. There are targets to hit and objects to avoid.

The Tower Workout is basically sound-dependent. It’s a full-body workout, especially with feet trackers. With a selected moderate sound you have a balanced endurance and cardio workout, with a selected hard sound you have a highly intense and hard workout. You can also mix it up and turn it into high-intensity interval training. As a member, you can create your own timers. Depending on what kind of hard tracks are played you have an insanity workout. It is designed to determine your own rhythm and your own style of workout tower exercises. You can use it to lose weight, improve and strengthen yourself or just for a good time. Use the tower for improving your boxing combo.

The basic workout input is boxing and you can also kick if you have HTC Vive Tracker. It is more geared towards martial artists, a great addition to the shadow boxing workout. If you have the side targets enabled you to get a better ab workout. The elements and the tracks are selected randomly, with no repetitive processes. You always have a new one for your power tower workout routine.
As a member you can create a tracklist, also save and load your settings. You can see your statistic, how many calories did you burn, how many hits you did, how much you’ve been hit and more. Your VR fitness stats can be tracked by Oculus Quest Move or YUR, but only as the browser declared.

Here you can read an article about the Tower Workout on VR Fitness Insider:

The Tower Challenge

If you want to reach your limit, you can try the Tower Workout Challenge. There are various settings to adapt to your needs. At first, it is a bit complicated, but afterward, it is very easy to use.

Keep You Safe

Take care of your body and environment!
Get higher, Now!

Improve exercise with you're tower workouts


Train with the rhythm of great sounds from Soundcloud.


All sessions are randomly generated. This always gives you different workouts.


Set up your workout with different settings to suit your needs.


Workout at home, but feels like you workout in space


Train with different combos, stamina, speed, coordination, reaction


Supports htc vive tracker for feet.


See your punch and kick moves


Beat and dodge physical objects.


Workout virtual space with different environments.


No installation requiered.


As a member you can create and use your own tracklists.


As a member you can create interval timers , you can create your own high intensity interval training (HIIT).


As a member you can connect your bluetooth heartrate sensor to the tower, the burned calories will be shown.


As a member your workout will be recorded, so you can see your workout statistics.

Start the Tower Workout

Workout Now in VR

Put on your headset and go to your exercise tower!

Important: VR-headset (HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT/QUEST) and a WebVR/WebXR supported Browser required (Supermedium Firefox, Oculus Browser )

Kick-Mode (HTC Tracker)works only in Supermedium and with the WebVR Version!

Firefox: Set Permission Autoplay – Allow Audio and Video!
Do you haven't VR exercise equipment?
What you have to do

Quick Instructions

Tower Workout Fist settings



Fist Settings
Place your fists with your controller. Click on “Set Fists”, then the left fist appears in front of you. Position your controller in the desired position. Press the trigger of the right controller. When you release it, the fist is fixed on both hands are according to the position.

Feet Settings
You need 2 HTC Vive trackers, it only works with HTC Vive. Activate your trackers and attach them to the outside ankles. You can choose the relation between kicks and fists.

If you logged in as a member the settings will be saved and loaded on the next login.



It‘s recommended to set the positions of the targets.

Click show and hide for appearing and disappearing the targets.

Distance, range, and altitude can be adjusted in the settings menu.

Tower Workout targets settings
Start Tower Workout


Start Workout

When you are ready, stand upright and start the tower and your workout will begin.



The targets are shown by the colors orange (left fist) and blue (right fist).
You can only hit the targets with the correct fist.
The number on the targets will show you the order of the combo.
There are targets to hit by cross, uppercut, and hook.
The targets are just as a reference. Use your rhythm, your movements, your technique!
In front of you, you will see a display that indicates at which position the targets appear.
Each hit will let the tower get a bit higher.



By dodging and sidestepping you will be prevented to be hit by the yellow objects.
If you have been hit by an object, the tower will get a bit smaller again.



There are sequences where you can run / step or do other moves also when standing. There will appear a red treadmill.

Tower Workout Deactivation


Tower deactivation

At the end of your workout, deactivate the tower. It only works if the tower is at least 10 meters high!
The tower will shut down and you will see all the played track during your workout, so you can visit the track webpage for more information!
It‘s only necessary for the end statistic (Member), but a little end experience.


Menu Appear

Menu show:
You can make the menu console (during workout) appear by pressing trigger four times in quick succession (within 2 seconds). 1,2,3,4, menu appears!

Menu hide:
By clicking Tower Resume in front, the menu disappears.


Are you fit enough? Accept the challenge and reach 50 meters tower height in 50 minutes.

You against the tower

It’s a super hard and intense workout challenge in virtual reality, even the fittest martial artists come to the limit!

2 combo mode w/ Oculus Quest

Light modes

Environment Selection

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