Advertise in our content with Zesty

Virtual Reality Advertising

You have the opportunity to advertise in all of our content, except the Tower Workout. We have ingame places for your NFT ads. You can buy it at Zesty Market the Rental Markets for Digital Spaces. Is live on Polygon Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains.

Zesty Market

Zesty Market is a monetization platform for Internet communities, owned by Internet communities. Our goal is to provide creators with a method of capturing the value that they create without dependence on a centralized platform.

Read more at Zesty Market website how it works.

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Our Advertising Spaces

We will gradually equip the content with advertising space. We will have three types of ad placements: Menu placement, environment placement, and website placement.

Menu Ad Placement

The Ad will display on the left side in the menu console. It is clickable. The menu appears at the beginning and when the user opens the menu.

Environment Ad Placement

The Ad will display integrated into the environment. It will be adapted to the environment. And can only be clicked when the user is nearby and the menu is open

Website Ad Placement

The Ad will display on the webpage of the units. It will be displayed on the side of the XR Enter Button of the unit.

The Towermax.Fitness Zesty Auction

This auction is valid for all spaces!
Towermax.Fitness (all pages WebXR and Web) september page views: 8749

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