How to play


You are Tmax and have to fight against Tsu Qtana. You need to win 3 rounds for a next level out of 16. If you loose 3 rounds, the match will restart on this level so you have another chance.

The levels will only be saved as a logged in member (membership is free).

There will be no pauses, for a break open the menu. Hold the trigger for 3 seconds.

You can punch and kick. You also have a Power Punch. The inputs are your real movements and actions. Power Punch can not be blocked, only avoid (jump) for defense.

Arcade XR Fighter Instructions 1

Correct distance for a hit

Correct punching

You need to have the correct distance for a hit!

Punch correctly and always take the fist back after a punch!

Only a punch counts, not the movement with stretched arms!

Arcade XR Fighter Instructions 2

Walk, jump, dodge, block


To move your fighter forth and back, you have to move yourself in real forth and back in your game area. You really have to jump for jumping and really dodge for dodging. For blocking hold up both fists.

Arcade XR Fighter Instructions 3



You can punch with left and right fists, always take the fist back. A punch gives 1 damage.If you punch from the dodged position, an uppercut will give you 3 damages.

Arcade XR Fighter Instructions 4

Kicking and Power Punch


For kicking you first need to punch to one side (left for left kicking, right for right kicking) and then to the front. A kick gives 2 damages.

For a Power Punch you first need to punch both fists to the side and then to the front. It takes a little time to complete the Power Punch. Meantimes you are not allowed to be hit. A Power Punch gives 4 damages.

Arcade XR Fighter Instructions 5

Dodge or jump for defense

Beast Attack

Beasts come out from the sides that you have to avoid (dodge or jump). If you‘ll get hit you will have damages and you will be freezed.

Arcade XR Fighter Instructions 6