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Towermax Fitness Reaction (early access) is a virtual reality training simulation for martial artists to train the coordination and reaction. Try our soundbased tower workout later too!

There are targets to be hit with fists, elbows, feet, or knees. Furthermore the training includes defensive objects for dodging and blocking. The trainings position also moves to different positions in order to practice positioning, realignments and to estimate the distances.

Put on your headset and train!

Important: VR-headset (HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT/QUEST) and a WebVR/WebXR supported Browser required (Supermedium,  FirefoxOculus Browser )

More information

All functions(incl. Kick-Mode) works only in Supermedium!

Firefox: Set Permission Autoplay – Allow Audio and Video!

Train your reaction

Low quality Mode for the Oculus Quest

Virtual reality reaction action

Free online virtual reality reaction training for martial arts and beginners

Reaction is a training unit to train your reaction, endurance, speed, coordination and techniques.

There is a combo training, random training and defense training.

The training position can move to different positions in order to practice positioning, realignments and estimate the distances. You see the yellow indicator in front of you, that’s the front.

There are many options to set up your own training, they can also be saved as a member.

The target objects can be beaten by fists, elbows, feet or knees.

Defense objects can be avoided or blocked with fists, elbows, feet or knees.

You can train with presetted combos. You can see the direction for beating. If the combo is completed, you will hear a sound and the next combo starts.

You can train with random generated position of targets, which appear as blocks (all at once).

Defense objects (yellow) are for training dodging and blocking.

The targets are shown by the colors orange (left fist/elbow), blue (right fist/elbow), purple (feet/knee both sides) and green (everything).

If you have activated the beating direction, you will see a cube on the target, where you should beat.

Various settings offer you a customized training, as well as ready-made training settings and combinations for different levels of difficulties (beginner, advanced, master). 

Train with different combos, coordination and techniques.

Randomly generated training. This always gives you different training.

Block and dodge physical defense objects.

Set up your training with many settings options to suit your needs.

You can train also with elbows.

Supports htc vive tracker for feet and knee.

Beat and dodge physical objects.

See your punch and kick moves

Workout virtual space with different environments.

No installation required.

As a member you can create and use your own tracklists.

You can save and load your saved training settings.

As a member your workout will be recorded, so you can see your workout statistics.

As a Pro member you can create interval timers and use them in your workout on the tower.

As a Pro member you can connect your bluetooth heartrate sensor to the tower, the burned calories will be shown.

Quick Instructions




Set the limits of the training area and select the environment.



Settings for your fists, elbows, feet, knees.



Set the range for the targets and defense objects.



Set your own settings for the training or choose presets.



There will be targets and defenses that you can hit and dodge.



At the end of your training, deactivate it. It‘s only nessecery for the end statistic.

Reaction Video

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