What you need to exercise in VR

The VR Fitness Equipment

What equipment do you need for exercise in Virtual Reality 2022

The most essential and basic requirement for workouts in VR is a Virtual Reality headset with position tracking. VR exercises are to be treated equally like normal VR games or VR experiences, no special headsets are required, VR fitness can be done with all consumer headsets with position tracking. Usually everything is included in a purchase, nothing additional needs to be bought.
Position tracking is essential and necessary because fitness means moving and therefore your movements must be able to be tracked. Different consumer VR headsets can be used for VR fitness. There are two different types: those who are connected to a computer via a cable, which mostly requires external sensors and there are the stand-alone, which do not need a computer and are therefore wireless.

All Consumer Headset Works

No special VR fitness equipment is required!
Some supported exercise vr headset

Virtual Reality Headsets

Oculus Quest

Valve Index

HTC Vive

HTC Cosmos

Oculus Rift

Samsung HMD Odyssey+

HP Reverb

The advantages and disadvantages of computer-based and stand alone headsets

computer-based vs. stand alone headsets

Computer-based VR Headsets

Power supply from the network.
More graphics performance because the computer calculates everything.
Better tracking with external sensors. There is also tracking behind your back.

More expensive acquisition costs.
A computer (gaming computer) with good performance is required.
Is wired and stationary.

Standalone VR Headsets.

Favorable acquisition costs.
No computer is needed.
Wireless, more freedom of movement.
More mobile, easier to take anywhere.
Easier use for the living room.

Tracking only from the headset via cameras. No tracking behind your back.
Battery based power supply, time-limited use.

What is the best VR headset for exercise in 2021?

oculus quest 2 meta quest fitness

In our opinion, it is currently the Oculus Quest 2

Probably the best headset for workouts in the virtual world yet. It has good graphics performance and is relatively cheap to buy for $ 299. It’s a stand-alone headset and therefore does not require a computer. It has great freedom of movement, we tested the Drill Track (view the video) with 10m * 10m. The Quest can also be connected to the computer via the Oculus Link with a USB cable and be used as a computer-based headset. There is the possibility to connect the Quest to the computer via WLAN and virtual desktop and thus to use it as a computer headset for e.g. Steam. The disadvantage is that it requires a mandatory Facebook account link.

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The hygiene and the sweating

Keep your headset clean

When fitness and sport are practiced in Virtual Reality, or even in most games, you start sweating. It’s a big problem and it’s uncomfortable too. The standard face covers are foam and soak in sweat. There are alternative facial covers, we recommend silicone-based ones. They can easily be replaced and cleaned. We also recommend wearing a headband during training to preventively stop sweating. It is important to clean the headset after exercising. The lenses should always be cleaned with special towels for lens cleaning, otherwise, the lenses can be damaged.

Silicone Oculus Quest 2 Face Cover (Dark Grey)

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Controller grips for better comfort during training

vr cover controller grips meta quest

Controller grips increase the comfort

We recommend using controller grips. With these, the controllers are fixed without being held by hand. This offers better performance during training and especially in beating applications, such as VR boxing games, it is a great advantage. For martial artists, it offers a familiar punching like in reality. For our Mixed Punch Bag Unit, they can be used particularly well for the special fixation that is needed, because you punch into a real punching bag.
The grips turn your Oculus Touch Controllers into a kind the Valve Index Controllers.

VR Cover Controller Grips

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Simple trick against fogging up lenses

Prevent fogging up lenses by a hairdryer

To prevent the lenses from fogging up, we recommend warming the headset with a hairdryer before training. The lenses are fogging up because there is a temperature difference during training or active use. This can easily be prevented by the hairdryer.

How you kick in Virtual Reality

Use HTC Vive Tracker for kicking

With the HTC Vive Tracker on your feet, it is possible to kick in Virtual Reality. They only work with computer-based headsets via Steam. The used application must also support it. In our units, it is the Tower Workout and Reaction that support kicking.

HTC Vive Tracker (3.0)

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Get better training results with accessories.

Get more success out of your VR Workout

To reach strength training and your fitness goals, use accessories from the real world. Weight cuff, for example, can be used to intensify training in Virtuality. Weight vests also work well and provide an increase in exertion. Resistance bands also work well for beating and boxing games, including kicking. But be careful about your joints, the same rules apply as when training without VR. Use devices for your heart rate measure. As member you can use Bluetooth heart rate devices in our XR Units.

Get moreWeights on the Controller.

kiwi vr dumbbell for meta quest controller

VR Dumbbell – Get more Controller-Weight for VR Workout

To increase workout intensity, you can use controller weights instead of wrist weights. They are compatible with the Meta Quest 2 controllers and are interchangeable. KIWI design VR dumbbell controller, specially designed for VR fitness and sports, changes the VR game experience that you never have been.

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VR fitness browser

You need WebXR supported browser

Our units are WebXR applications that do not need to be installed but only work in a browser with an Internet connection. Basically, all browsers that support WebXR work. For those with a computer, it is Firefox. The Oculus Browser or Firefox Reality can be used for the Oculus Quest.