Zones to relax and stretch after workout

Relax Zones

Towermax.Fitness Relaxing Zones are areas for your after workout. There are public and private zones.

After your workout you can visit the relaxing zones for cool down, mental health and stress management. The relaxing zones are just calming surroundings. You can do your stretching after a hard workout or after a XR Group FitClass with your friends and have a talk. You can also use it for meditation, tai chi, yoga exercises in a private zone. Currently there is one Relaxing Zone available, the Chill Garden. After the Group FitClass Cave Trip you will get there. It shows you about the idea to use it. More zones are coming.

Relax Zones 1

Relaxing Zones

Cool down and stretch after hard workout
Public and private relaxing zones!

Relax and cool down


Cool down after your workout


Meet friends after the FitClass


Use private zones

Cool down and stretching area

Relax Zones

Relax Zones 2

Chill Garden

Relaxing under cyber trees

The Chill Garden offers you four public gardens in space with cyber grass and trees. The gardens are separated from each other, but you can switch in between them.

Relax Zones 3


For meditation use private zones