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Set up the personal settings for your fist-positions at the controllers and for the position, the distance and the range of the targets.

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When you are ready, stand upright and activate the tower and your workout will begin.

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The targets are shown by the colors orange (left fist) and blue (right fist).
You can only hit the targets with the correct fist.
The number on the targets will show you the order of the combo.
There are targets to hit by cross, uppercut and hook.
The targets are just as a reference. Use your rhythm, your movements, your technique!

After each punch, take your fists back to the body!

In front of you, you will see a display which indicates at which position the targets appear.

Each hit will let the tower get a bit higher.

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By dodging and sidestepping you will be prevented to be hit by the yellow objects.

If you have been hit by an object, the tower will get a bit smaller again.

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There are sequences, shown with a red treadmill, where you can run/step or do other moves.

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The tracks are selected by random. At program settings you can choose the type of sound. You can switch to the next track at any time. You can like every track and the track will be added to your personal selection list.

If you like a track, check it out on the Soundcloud website. At sound you will find all used tracks.

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On the left side you will see the infomation of the playing track. At the right side you will see the information of your performance, like the count of punches, towerheight, heartrate, burned calories and times.

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At the end of your workout, deactivate the tower.
It only works if the tower is be at least 10 meters high!

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