Let's run against your calories

StepUpRun AR/VR

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StepUpRun, is a low-impact workout that’s perfect workout at home and in the gym.  

What’s about:
It’s easy, you run in different variations while standing and attached to grips with the hands. You only need two one-handed grips. Ordinary exercise handles or trx are attached at head height. You relieve your knees and tense your upper body by holding the handles.
There are different workouts. The instructor will show you what kind of exercise you should do.

What you have to do:
You have to step/jump according to the instructions of the instructor. You’ll see a white/yellow animation when the instructor’s new exercise.

You can changethe Instructor’s rotation and speed. You can use your own sound. You can adjust the sensitivity of the step counter.

Move earnings (ME):
Is the general fitness currency that shows your achieved performance.

Also for Meta/Oculus Quest in Mixed Reality available!

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Keep You Safe

Take care of your body and environment!
Simple workout that is efficient



3 HIIT Workouts


3 Cardio Program


Exercise Intructor


A lot Music

What you have to do

Quick Instructions

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Select Workout

First, you need to choose your workout.

You can choose between different difficulty levels of HIIT and cardio workouts. If you click on a workout, you will see the properties of the workout. You can also watch a demonstration.


Workout Settings

You can make various settings for your workout here.

Instructor Rotate: You can activate or deactivate the rotation of the instructor at each exercise change.
Instructor View: You can set whether the instructor looks at you or in the direction of you.
External Sound: Here you switch off the sound if you use your own externally running sound.
BPM: Here you can set the movement speed of the instructor.
Step Detection: Here you can set the sensitivity of the step counter. You can check it right now.

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During the Workout

You have to step/jump according to the instructions of the instructor. You’ll see a white/yellow animation when the instructor’s new exercise.


Ending Game

After the workout click, I QUIT for the ending.
You can make the menu console (during a match) appear by pressing the trigger four times in quick succession (within 2 seconds). The menu button works, too, except for the Meta Quest! With Meta Quest, press the thumbstick.

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