A meditation and relax garden in space with cyber trees

The Chill Garden - Your meditation place

After Workout time in space in between cyber trees

Introducing the Chill Garden, your perfect meditation space. Join friends or meet new people in our four public gardens, each with its own cyber grass and trees. The calming environment is perfect for reducing stress and focusing your attention on relaxation. If you’re looking for more privacy, our private garden is perfect for yoga, tai chi, and other meditation techniques. And for an added bonus, our virtual reality guardians are always on hand to make sure you have a peaceful experience.

The Chill Garden, known from the Cave Trip, offers you four public gardens in space with cyber grass and trees. You can join it with friends or meet strangers and talk during your cool down and stretching, increase your mental health and stress management.  The environment is designed to reduce stress and that you can focus your attention to relax. The gardens are separated from each other, but you can switch in between them. If you wanna have some privacy and more calm for doing your types of meditation and relaxation techniques, tai chi, yoga exercises you can visit the private one. In order not to disturb your visual perception, you should be in a room with enough freedom of movement so that the virtual reality guardians are not displayed. 

Use all the many meditation guides and menthal speeches for your well-being

The private Chill Garden offers more environment animation and functions. You can enjoy our relax session. It’s a 12-minute session that relaxes you and calm you down. Or you can use thousands of exist’s meditation guides and tutorials, chill sounds and menthal speeches with the Chill Garden. Als member you can save your own audio links for easier play.

For gyms it is ideal, for example to relax mentally after a yoga lesson.

How to use your own background sound:

Chill Garden 1


Cool down and stretch after hard workout!
Relax under cyber trees!

Let's join the Chill Garden


Cool down after your workout


Meet friends after the FitClass


Use private zones


Cyber garden in space


Use your own audio

Quick Instructions Private Chill Garden

Chill Garden 5


Open the Chill Garden

Open the WebXR Chill Garden page and click the VR button in the right bottom corner for entering to the VR Mode .

Chill Garden 2


Select your Mode

Here you can choose modes. Select free if you use your own audio in background. If you start you audio from the menu, it will select the free mode automatically.

Chill Garden 7
Chill Garden 8


General Settings

Here you can change some general settings.
Fly around: You can deactivate the flying around here.
Full Rotation: Turning around your axis can be deactivated here.
Movement Speed: You can increase or decrease the speed of movement. There is a delay in the change, not immediately.
Fly starting time (only Free Mode): On mode free selected, you can set the time from when to start flying. Is the session started, you can not change it dynamically.
Fly back time (only Free Mode):On mode free selected, you can set the time from when to start flying back to the ground. Is the session started, you can not change it dynamically


Chill and Relax

Do stretch, chill, cool down or meditate for yourself.

Towermax.Fitness Chill Garden


Chill and stretch together!
How you join it

Quick Instructions Public Chill Garden

Chill Garden 9


Join the Chill Garden

Enter the Chill Garden by clicking at the image. In the right bottom corner you see the number of other visitors. Maybe you have to wait 30 seconds to load the webpage.

Chill Garden 2


Enter the Room

Click “Enter Room”. If you are on the PC/VR-Headset select your device.

Chill Garden 11
Chill Garden 12


Select your Avatar

Select your avatar and set your name.


Allow Audio

Let allow your audio, so you can speak to each other. Later you can set mute if you want.

Chill Garden 13
Towermax.Fitness Chill Garden


Stretch and Relax

Do stretch, cool down or meditate for yourself. You can talk with friends. Be respectful to the others. It has four Gardens.  The gardens are separated from each other, but you can switch in between them by clicking the Garden number above of you. 

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