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Find the Exit

Escape from F.A.T Cell

Use your real fitness equipment in Virtual Reality for some cardio action.

Towermax Fitness Horror Workout for your fitness equipment.  

The VR Fitness Horror Unit is an experience that will make your pulse beat faster. You move in a cage through the canal system and have to find an exit while being afraid of what might be waiting for you at each turn! You’ll be kept on the edge of one’s seat as you try to find a way out from these terrifying tunnels, through canals, and finally, escape with your life! It’s only the first part, so good luck with escaping this nightmare come true…

The Story:
You were one of the test subjects in the secret genetic research facility F.A.T. You managed to escape from the laboratory due to an accident during an experiment. Now, you’re in the sewer system of the facility looking for the exit. There are auxiliary objects necessary for the escape that you have to find. Beware of the lab workers and flee from them if they catch sight of you.
How to move:
Each equipment has its own movements. We recommend attaching the controller to your inside wrist (Strips). With moving your head to the side you can change direction.
What you have to do:
Your movement makes the cage move forward. You can change direction by moving your head sideways. You have to get through the canal system to the exit. Various tools will help you on the run, and you must collect them. If you see lab workers, flee from them, they will try to bring you back.
Move earnings (ME):
Is the general fitness currency that shows your achieved performance.

Save Progress:
As a logged member, your progress will be saved and can be loaded again.

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Attention the workout can be dangerous

Be careful, certain use of equipment can pose a risk of damage to you and the equipment!

You can be scared during the workout. Certain use of devices can pose a risk of damage to you and the devices. It’s not a joke, you have to master some training equipment. You have to know how to operate it in virtual reality and you shouldn’t take any risk. You have to start slowly and feel your way. You can cause yourself serious harm and damage equipment and the environment!

You will make unusual sideways movements to change direction on the equipment.

Prevent overturning
Test first that the training equipment does not overturn!

Always be aware of how the equipment moves
Always be aware of where and how your equipment is. You don’t see the equipment in virtual reality.

Change direction without exercising
If you change direction on an exercise machine, stop exercising and continue exercising when you have changed direction.

Be aware of dangers
For example on the trampoline, if you jump next to it, it is very dangerous. Or you can pinch yourself on the cross trainer or hit your face. There are many dangers, test first the dangers in reality and be aware of them later in VR!

The following equipments are ready made and each have own settings which you can save as Member and load on all Cardio Units:

Keep You Safe

Take care of your body and environment!
Cardio Fitness in VR!

Workout with your Equipment


Cross trainer, Stepper and similar


Row machine and similar


Suspension like TRX and similar


Maxi Climber, Total Fit Climber  and similar


Dual Pulley Machines and similar


Workout without equipment like Aerobic or with and weights


Kat Walk and similar


Swim machines and similar


Trampolines and similar

What you have to do

Quick Instructions

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Select move control, your using equipment.
At Oculus Quest center view: Position yourself the right place the way you want to train and recenter the view by holding the Oculus button pressed for 3 seconds.


Move-Control Settings

You can set specific settings, open Move-Control Setting. As a log-in member, you can save the settings and load in all cardio units.

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Start Workout

Click Start Workout or Start it for starting the workout. You change direction as soon as you are outside the 2 lines. The more you move to the side, the faster the direction changes.


Protect the towers

There are towers soaring into the sky. Enemy creatures come and want to destroy them. You have to hit them with the catapult. The catapult is cocked by movement, it is automatically fired when it is completely cocked. You have to aim beforehand, turn the catapult in the direction of the creatures.

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AT the end

After the Workout click, I QUIT for ending.
You can make the menu console (during workout) appear by pressing trigger four times in quick succession (within 2 seconds). The menu button works too, except for the Oculus Quest! With Oculus Quest press the thumbstick.

Oculus Quest controller attachment

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We use the Controller Grips from VR Cover. You have to find out for yourself what works well, there are no ready-made solutions at the moment. For more comfort, we also use a usual wristband.

Replaceable Foam for your Oculus Quest 2Escape from F.A.T Cell About 9

Fitness Trampoline Workout

VR TRX Workout

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