Behind Towermax.Fitness is the SROMLINE

About Towermax.Fitness 1

THE History

The name Towermax.Fitness originated from the Tower Workout of the first training session. From the goal to reach your maximum of the tower height (Tower max).

About Towermax.Fitness 2

The Tower V1

Towermax.Fitness started 2017 as a private project. A prototype for advanced martial arts training was created. People liked it and it was really great to train with it. So a first official version was developed.

About Towermax.Fitness 3

The Tower Release

After several months of testing and refining the training feeling, a major version was released in 2018 for public.

About Towermax.Fitness 4


Later a member area with heart rate sensor integration started and also more functions has been added.

About Towermax.Fitness 5

Tracker support

Further the HTC tracker support was integrated for additional kicking.

About Towermax.Fitness 6

Reaction Training

Another training unit, Reaction, was designed to provide a different training aspect, reaction and technique training. This is not rythm based and has many settings that makes an individual training possible.

About Towermax.Fitness 7

Drill Track

Unit Drill Track, a running workout with a room extender mode. You can train with an empty track, with slalom or with bar equipment. Also has modes as following, catching, quiz, math calculation and more.

About Towermax.Fitness 8

Arcade XR Fighter

A kind of a 2D arcade fighting game in VR. You can move your fighter with your real movements and punches. You can play in VR, AR, on mobil devices and desktop.

About Towermax.Fitness 9

Hubs Fit

Group Fitness and Private Training on Mozilla Hubs. You workout together with a instructor in VR.

About Towermax.Fitness 10

Mixed Punch Bag

Mixed Punch Bag is a virtual reality training for advanced martial artists to train with a real punch bag in vr. You can set the dimension of your real punch bag (or a wall).

About Towermax.Fitness 11

XR FitClass

XR FitClass are guided fitness lessons. There are group fitness classes and solo classes.

About Towermax.Fitness 12

Relaxing Zones

Relaxing Zones are areas for your after workout or for chilling and meditation.

About Towermax.Fitness 13

XR Cardio

XR Units for workout with various fitness equipments.

About Towermax.Fitness 14

Sling Surf

Sling Surf is a virtual reality water sports experience.

THE Technical behind

Technically the Virtual Reality part (WebXR), Towermax.Fitness is based on the A-Frame Framework.
We are happy to provide more detailed information and help for those who are interested.

About Towermax.Fitness 15

The Virtual Reality (WebXR)social part, the multiplayer functions (GroupFit, HubsFit, Towermax.Fitness Hub) is based at Mozilla Hubs. Mozilla Hubs is also based at A-Frame. We used modified functions and use the Mozilla Hubs Cloud AWS Service.

About Towermax.Fitness 16

The Website and the member area and its functions are realized with WordPress and specific developed plugins.

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