Group Fitness and Solo Classes

XR FitClass

Towermax.Fitness FitClass are guided fitness lessons. There are group fitness classes and solo classes.

The class is for advanced, you should know about fitness basics and the correct execution. The class is simple, follow the exercises of the instructor. Maybe she jolt a little, don’t copy that, that’s probably a fps issue. Don’t fully stretch your elbows and knees. Have a correct posture. Be warmed up before. Be careful with your devices. Do not overstrain yourself.
Solo classes and group classes are basically the same. Solo classes can be attended at any time. Group fitness classes have fixed times and the number of participants is limited.

XR FitClass 1


Workout together with XR GroupFit Classes
Group Fit and Solo Lessons!

Let's take a Lessons


Workout together


Workout with experience


You have a selection of different lessons


Workout for yourself


Guided fitness lessons


Coming soon

Workout alone

XR Fit Class Solo Lessons

XR FitClass 2

Cave Trip

Workout space journey to a cave

During the class you will fly from the mainship to a cave and back. Duration: ~25 min

XR FitClass 3


The class has fixed time and limited places!
Workout together

XR GroupFit Classes

The GroupFit lesson is carried out at our GroupFit.Zone

The lesson starttime is in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)!
The classroom will open 10 minutes before the course begins. Be there early enough, you cannot enter after.

Enter the GroupFit.Zone
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Start your own GroupFit Class!
Workout with your friends whenever you want

Start your own GroupFit Class

Share the room link to your friends. It has a share button on the top if you join the room. You will find a “Start Button” at the right side, if everybody is ready, click it to start. If once started, the room will be closed to the public for an hour.