You against the tower

Are you fit enough?
Accept the virtual reality workout challenge and reach 50 meters tower height in 50 minutes.

The rules are simple, reach 50 meters tower height in 50 minutes.
No breaks, it must be beaten, kicked and dodged correctly.
The side targets must be on.

The Tower Challenge


Conditions of participation

Basically everyone can participate. But you need martial arts experience to have a chance at all. Techniques, it is sufficient if you have made fitness boxes, tae bo or similar, but also defense dodging skills. You should have the ability to hit targets and dodge objects.  That’s 50 minutes of a virtual reality insanity workout. It’s not only that you have to be fit, you also have to react quickly. The reaction performance is the key to success, because if you get hittet you lose height.

To the Tower Workout
Tower Challenge 1

The rules

Reach 50 meters tower height in 50 minutes.

It’s a super hard and intense workout challenge, even the fittest martial artists come to the limit!
No breaks, it must be beaten, kicked and dodged correctly.  No cheating, no just hold out your hand, no stay crouched, no standing on the side, do everything like a fighter!

Tower Challenge 2

Try the Tower Workout Challenge at home

Open Tower Workout (VR), you will find the Tower Challenge button in the tower workout menu, start it. The challenge will begin, as soon as you click start or resume (if you start the challenge during workout). On the display you will see the tower challenge time. After the end of the challenge, you will see whether you failed or not.

With the Oculus Quest unfortunately it is not quite the same intensity, because performance and speed is a bit slower!

To the Tower Workout
Tower Challenge 3

Official Tower Challenge in switzerland

The official Tower Challenge is also organized by You can simply book an appointment for your Tower Challenge for free. Because Covid 19 is currently not available (the Tower Challenge in the Tower Workout for yourself is available )!

Tower Challenge 4