Reaction Training Settings 1


Random number of targets:
Choose enable/disable randomly number of targets. When disabled, it takes the minimum number of targets.

Minimum number of targets:
Set the minimum number of targets.

Maximum number of targets:
Set the maximum number of targets.

Target size:
Set the size of the targets.

Target round suspend:
Set whether there should be rounds where no targets will appear.

Large kick target:
Set whether elongated targets (1m) should appear to kick or if the same targets should be set as on punching.

Fist target left / right:
Decide whether there are different targets for the individual fists that can only be hit with the right fist.
On: there are targets that must be beaten with the correct fist (left or right).
Off: the targets can be beaten with every fist.
Random: it is decided randomly if you have to beat with correct fist or with both/feet.

Fist left / right Balance:
Set the ratio for which fist the targets should appear more. This only works if fist target left / light is not Off.

Fists / feet balance:
Set the ratio for which the targets appear to punch and kick.

Time distance of targets:
Set how fast new targets should appear.

Time distance of targets, successively:
Set how quickly new destinations are going to appear when the targets are set to are one after another.

Target successively:
Set whether the targets should appear all at once or after each other. When enabled, the maximum and minimum targets can not be set, only 1 target appears.

Target Combos:
Turn the targets appear from the pre-made combo‘s on/off.

Target hit direction:
Turn the indicator for the beat direction on targets on/off.

Punch line:
Turn the punch line on/off.

Kick line:
Turn the kick line on/off.

Punch effect:
Turn the visual punch effect on/off.

Kick effect:
Turn the visual kick effect on/off.


Position move:
Turn the movement of the position area on/off.

Position move balance:
Set the ratio, whether there should be a change of position after the round or not.

Movement time:
Set how fast the position should move.

Position rotation:
Set whether the position area should also rotate after a change of position.

Max position rotation:
Limit the maximum rotation of the position area.

Position Indicator:
Turn the additional position help on/off.


Defense target fist:
Set defense fist objects at the targets should appear or not or by random.

Defense objects:
Set whether defense objects should appear or not.

Defense speed:
Set the speed of movement of defense objects.

Defense / target balance:
Set the ratio how many defense objects should appear.

Defense objects balance:
Set the ratio of which defense objects should appear, between barrier and fists.

New sefense object time:
Set how fast new defense object should appear.

Fists / Feet on defense objects:
Turn on/off, if the fists / elbows / feet / knees can block the defense objects.

Only defense objects:
Switch on whether only defense objects should appear and no targets for beating.

Defense attack:
Disable the defense attacks. defense attacks are blocks of several defense objects.

Defense attack balance:
Set the ratio how many times there should be defense attacks.

Hit effect:
Turn the visual effect on/off when a defense object is hitted.

Dummy mode:
You can train with a dummy. ON appears all defense arms. RANDOM appears one arm by random choice. If you have activated feet, defense objects for feet will also appear.