Revolutionize Your Fitness Routine with the Eaglefit EMS Suit

Unlock Next-Level Fitness Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine transforming any space into your personal gym, all within the comfort of your home, a hotel room, or even outdoors. The newly developed Eaglefit PRO EMS System makes this possible, offering a comprehensive full-body workout with its state-of-the-art features. This innovative, wireless EMS dry suit comes equipped with 24 dry electrodes, allowing you to activate deep muscles, boost your metabolism, and reduce body fat—all in just 20 minutes per session!

Eaglefit EMS Suit: The Future of Home Workouts 1
Transform Your Fitness Routine with Advanced Electrode Technology

Elevate Your Workout: Eaglefit EMS Suit

Advanced EMS Technology

Utilize the latest EMS technology with 24 strategically placed electrodes for a deeper, more intense workout.

Targeted Muscle Stimulation

Large electrodes cover major muscle groups, enhancing the effectiveness of each session.

Shoulder Electrodes

Newly added shoulder electrodes target the deltoid muscles for a comprehensive upper body workout.

Enhanced Abdominal Electrodes

Redesigned longer electrodes now target the oblique muscles more effectively, sculpting your waistline.

Midsection Focus

Electrodes positioned around the navel specifically target the mid-abdominals, aiding in six-pack development.

Customizable Intensity

Match or exceed the intensity of stationary EMS machines with adjustable settings for personalized training.

Mobility and Portability

Experience the freedom to train anywhere with a suit that allows movement without restriction.

Efficient Training Schedule

Achieve significant results with just one 20-minute session per week, scaling up as your body adapts.

Smart Control

Control all 24 electrodes using the eaglefit POWERBox, seamlessly integrated with our free mobile app.

Predefined Programs

Access eight predefined training programs, or create your own custom routines to meet your fitness goals.

Unlimited Profiles

Store limitless training settings and preferences directly on your device, ensuring every workout is tailored to your needs.

Relaxation Mode

Wind down after a busy day with a special relaxation program designed to rejuvenate and refresh your body.

Eaglefit PRO EMS Suit: A Closer Look at the Features

Eaglefit EMS Suit: The Future of Home Workouts 2

The Eaglefit PRO EMS Suit is designed to maximize your training efficiency and flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user of EMS technology, you’ll immediately notice and appreciate the enhancements:

  • 24 Silicone Dry Electrodes: Strategically placed for maximum muscle engagement, including new shoulder electrodes to target the deltoids and larger electrodes for major muscle groups.
  • Redesigned Abdominal Electrodes: Extended and repositioned to activate the lateral abdominal muscles more effectively, enhancing waist definition and focusing on the midsection for that desired six-pack.

Versatile EMS Training Options

With the Eaglefit PRO EMS Suit, your workout possibilities are limitless. The free app provides various training programs suitable for any fitness goal—be it muscle building, endurance, weight loss, or rehabilitation. You can enjoy activities such as jogging, boxing, cycling, yoga, sling training, HIIT, or bodyweight exercises, both indoors and outdoors.

Benefits EMS Training

  • High-Intensity Muscle Stimulation: Comparable or superior to stationary EMS machines found in professional studios.
  • Customizable Settings: Each of the 12 muscle groups can be individually adjusted.
  • Mobility: The suit is designed for movement, allowing you to bring your workout wherever you go.
  • Efficiency: Just 20 minutes per session once a week can significantly enhance your fitness.
  • Comprehensive App Control: Manage the 24 electrodes via the eaglefit app, compatible even with your Apple Watch, with 8 predefined and customizable training programs.

Relaxation on Demand

After a long day, simply relax on the sofa and select the relaxation program from the app. This feature allows your body to recover and feel rejuvenated without any effort, providing the perfect end to your day.

Safety First

However, it’s essential to note that the Eaglefit PRO EMS System is not suitable for everyone. Individuals under 18, those with cardiovascular diseases, electrical implants, metabolic disorders, cancer, hernias, or who are pregnant or undergoing chemotherapy, should avoid using this system.

The Science Behind EMS and Back Pain Relief

EMS, or Electrical Muscle Stimulation, mimics the natural electrical signals from the brain to stimulate muscle contraction. Studies have shown that EMS can significantly improve pain, muscle strength, and physical function in individuals with chronic nonspecific back pain. It enhances blood circulation and metabolism in the back area, potentially reducing pain and improving spine flexibility.

Buy your own EMS Pro Suit

By purchasing an Eaglefit EMS suit, you can fully harness the potential of our tailored VR workouts, ensuring that you receive both an effective and immersive fitness experience. To make your purchase even more rewarding, we are excited to offer a special promotion: use our coupon code “towermax” at checkout to receive a 5% discount on your Eaglefit EMS suit. This is a fantastic opportunity to optimize your workouts and make significant savings. Join us in revolutionizing your fitness routine by choosing the right equipment for your needs!
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Transform Your Fitness Journey?

With the Eaglefit PRO EMS System, achieving a toned body, building muscle, and shedding fat becomes more accessible and less time-consuming. It’s not just a workout tool; it’s a revolution in personal fitness, allowing you to maintain and improve your health with minimal impact on your joints and maximum convenience.

Start your journey towards a healthier, more active lifestyle with the Eaglefit PRO EMS Suit, and experience the power of advanced technology in the comfort of your chosen environment. Whether at home or on the go, this suit is your gateway to a fitter, happier you.

EMS Is Not Just Muscle Stimulation—It's Intense Muscle Training. Don't Underestimate, Experience It Yourself!


Can I combine training with my VR headset?

Absolutely, whether you’re at the gym or at home. With EMS-VR, you can seamlessly integrate the benefits of EMS training with the engaging experience of VR in an AI environment. Whether you’re boxing virtually, going on a VR bike ride, or competing in a virtual golf tournament, the combination of VR and EMS is incredibly enjoyable both at the gym and at home!

Do I need to wet the EMS suit?

No, as this is a true dry suit that no longer uses cotton (a non-conductor) over the electrodes, it works dry. The electrodes lie directly on the skin allowing for better and more extensive electricity transmission. The impulses penetrate deeper into the muscle, and the sensation is more comfortable than with EMS clothing. If you have very dry skin or heavy body hair, it may be beneficial to use electrode gel. The electrodes conduct in a dry state, but the skin needs to be slightly moist to conduct well.

How many electrodes are in the suit and where are they placed?

There are 24 electrodes, or 12 pairs of electrodes, sewn into the suit that can be controlled individually;
Placement: shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, upper back, middle back, lower back, buttocks, inner abdomen, outer abdomen, front thigh, and rear thigh. It is important that you can control, for example, triceps and biceps separately.

If I purchase this system, can my partner use the POWERBox to train with EMS PANTS or their own EMS suit?

Yes, the PRO EMS POWERBox is compatible with the EMS PANTS. Both the EMS PANTS and the HOME EMS suit, as well as the PRO EMS suit, can be used (alternately) with one PRO EMS POWERBox.

Are the cables arranged in such a way that the suit can withstand stretch movements?

Yes, the electrodes are connected via a special conductive sewing thread, so you can perform all movements unrestrictedly.

Does the suit hinder my exercises?

No, you are completely free and will not feel the ultra-thin suit during your workout.

How should I clean the suit?

Wash at a maximum of 30 °C in a gentle cycle in the provided laundry bag, without a spin cycle or—better yet—hand wash.

I need to stay fit over the winter to participate in a triathlon in the summer. Can I also train my condition with this suit?

Yes, you can specifically train your red skeletal muscle (for endurance) as well as your white skeletal muscle (for maximum strength). Train your slow-twitch, red muscles at frequencies up to 30 Hz, and your fast-twitch, white muscles at frequencies ranging from 50 to 85 Hz.

How does the connection from the power module to the electrodes work?

The POWERBox is clicked onto the outside of the suit and additionally secured with a Velcro strap. We have patented the entire design and also tested it under extreme conditions, such as in trampoline parks. The connection is perfect and uninterrupted.

Is there a German manual and exercises available?

Yes, there is a detailed German/English manual and a training poster with exercises. On our YouTube channel “eaglefit,” you can find additional exercises, including direct participation trainings and explanations of the app:

Can I wear the EMS dry suit under sports clothing?

Yes, it’s possible to wear a jogging suit over it and go jogging (including 20 minutes in the Cardio program).

Do I wear underwear under the suit during training?

No, you do not need to wear anything under the suit unless you are wearing functional underwear under a suit used by multiple customers in a studio for hygiene reasons.

Is there a limit to how often I can perform the training or how often I install the app?

No, there are no technical limitations. You can install the app on your Android smartphone, your iPhone, and your iPad simultaneously and use it as often as you like (e.g., for your partner, …). You should initially only train with EMS once a week, later maintaining at least 48 hours rest between your training sessions.

My partner also wants to train. Do I need to buy a complete second system or is there a second suit available?

There is a second suit available, which you can order through this link:

I've trained in an EMS studio before. Is home training comparable and feasible?

Yes, you can also perform the training at home, and it is absolutely comparable. Ideal is the optional combination with a Sling Trainer. A good overview can be found here:

Is the power from the battery sufficient, or is it better if the device operates at 220 V?

Since EMS training simulates the weak currents of the brain, we work with currents of up to 300 mAh and very low voltage in EMS training (in general). These currents can be easily provided with a very small battery. You do not need to be tethered like a dog to a box to conduct efficient EMS training 😉

How long does the battery last and what type of battery is used?

The battery of our POWERBox lasts for at least 5 training sessions of 20 minutes each, depending on the training intensity. Since we use a LiIo battery with 2,000 mAh, you can also recharge it without damaging it.

What frequencies can I select?

You can freely set the frequency in our custom training menu “Individual” from 1 to 120 Hz. For example, up to about 30 Hz you stimulate your red muscle (endurance), and from about 50 Hz you stimulate your white, large muscle (maximum strength). If you want to quickly select the right setting for you, we have created predefined programs “Fitness (Muscle Building), Relax (similar to a massage after training or also very pleasant for tension), FatBurning (your maximum and endurance strength are alternately addressed (*VERY EFFECTIVE!*)) and Metabolism (Development and improvement of endurance muscles, cellulite reduction).” Our system is a clear EMS system and not an EMA system, as this can lead to injuries in our view, as the muscles are addressed directly and not—as nature intended—via the nerves. You can also read about the background here.

What pulse depth can I select for training?

You can select predefined programs or freely choose a pulse depth of up to 400 microseconds in the “Individual” program. The higher this value, the “deeper” the pulse goes into the muscle (thus into the large muscles, such as on the back or thigh). The smaller the value, the more the current stays on the surface. A pulse depth of 150 microseconds, for example, can be very interesting for optimizing the skin’s appearance (=> orange peel skin).

How long is the warranty and how does a repair process work?

We offer a 24-month warranty on the suit and the POWERBox, and a 6-month warranty on the battery. The battery can be replaced by qualified personnel. In the event of a service issue, we send you a shipping label with which you can send the defective product free of charge to our repair center in Southern Germany. After a repair time of currently far less than a week, you will receive the repaired and tested product back.

What do I do if the suit doesn't fit me?

Please refer to the size chart above when choosing the right size. The suit is stretchable. If you are a few centimeters outside the table, it’s not a problem. The suit should fit snugly—but you should still be able to move comfortably. If, for example, you have a broad back and a very slim waist, order the suit to fit in the chest area. Optionally, you can order the corresponding Velcro zip bands under accessories so that you can taper the suit at the somewhat wide areas. Please test the suit at the beginning WITH underwear to see if it fits well. If the suit doesn’t fit at all, you can exchange it free of charge. We cover the shipping costs for both the outbound and return shipment.

What do I do if I can't get used to the whole system?

We offer excellent telephone support with trainers and experts who can help you competently. Since the EMS suit is a hygiene item, exchanging or returning it is difficult once you have used the suit without underwear. Otherwise, you can return the entire system within 14 days without any problems and at no cost to you.

Will there be further work on the app or would I need to buy a new system for updates?

We are constantly implementing further improvements and customer requests, which every existing customer can receive through free app updates.

How long does the suit last?

You do not have to wash the suit after each training session, as it is made from antibacterial material. We have successfully tested the suit with over 150 washes in the washing machine on the hand wash cycle. We expect that the suit will last an average of 3-4 years, depending on how you handle it. To further extend the washing cycles, every new customer receives a free 100ml sample of the antibacterial agent from Provilan.

I am from Switzerland, how can I order here?

We have a very competent partner in Switzerland near Zurich. Please refer to the page for Swiss customers.

I am unsure whether the app will work on my phone. How can I check this?

You can download and test the app from the appropriate app store before making a purchase (download link: Android / Apple), or simply search for “eaglefit EMS System” there.

What is the difference between EMS and EMA training and can I select this setting?

EMS means Electrical Myo Stimulation (5 to 120 Hz), EMA means Electrical Myo Activation (from 1,000 Hz). In EMS training, the current flows from the electrode through the skin to the nerve and then into the muscle. In EMA training, the current flows from the electrode through the skin directly into the muscle, without the nerves noticing it and without the signal having to pass through the neuromuscular endplate between the nerve and the muscle on its way to the muscle. This direct muscle activation can be interesting and at the same time dangerous and is therefore not recommended for home use in our view.

Can I use the suit for muscle building after rehab, even if I am severely restricted in my movements?

YES, since you can specifically target muscles with EMS training WITHOUT stressing the joints, this type of training is ideally suited for post-surgery or general rehab-supportive muscle building—naturally in close consultation with a doctor. Our suit is a fitness product, not a medical device.

Can EMS be harmful?

EMS training can be harmful if there are health contraindications such as pacemakers or diabetes mellitus, and in these cases, training should definitely be avoided. Likewise, too high an intensity or frequency can be dangerous. With correct use and adherence to eaglefit training guidelines, EMS training is safe and achieves maximum training effects.

How often can you do EMS?

The frequency depends initially on your individual training status. If you have not yet completed any EMS training or have had a long training break, one EMS session per week is recommended for the first 10 weeks. This is about getting the kidneys used to a higher CK value in the blood that occurs during EMS training. After the first 10 weeks, you can increase to 2 to a maximum of 3 sessions, provided a break of 48 hours is maintained. The relaxation program can be used daily, as it does not use high intensity.

What is the benefit of an electronic abdominal muscle stimulator?

An electronic abdominal muscle stimulator effectively trains the abdominal muscles deeply. Due to its smaller size, stimulation can be optimally performed on the go or during other activities, thus building and strengthening the muscles.

How effective is EMS really?

EMS training is very effective as it stimulates many large muscle groups simultaneously and recruits up to 90% of the muscle fibers, reaching the deep muscles better than conventional training methods. A 20-minute EMS session can burn up to 500 calories, making EMS suitable for both muscle building and weight reduction.

What does EMS without exercise accomplish?

Essentially, the EMS impulses alone stimulate the muscles and create a training stimulus. The muscles adapt to this stimulus up to a certain threshold. Once this threshold is reached, the training stimulus must be intensified, for example by additional exercises, to continue achieving a training effect. Additionally, joints, tendons, and ligaments benefit from the pressure and tension loads that only occur during active training.

What do doctors say about EMS training?

EMS training is not only used in the fitness area but also in the medical application area of therapy to restore muscles after surgeries or injuries without stressing the joints (TENS). Also, in treating back pain, EMS technology achieves great successes, especially because the impulses penetrate deeply into the supporting and stabilizing muscles, setting a training stimulus there.

Can I lose belly fat with EMS?

To achieve a reduction in body fat at the belly, a loss of body fat over the entire body is necessary. Unfortunately, it is not possible to lose fat at a targeted spot or to train it away. EMS training can greatly support this process through the high energy consumption during training and an increase in muscle mass. In addition to training, adjusted nutrition, sufficient sleep, and a generally healthy lifestyle are equally important to achieve weight reduction.

Why is EMS so expensive?

The technology of EMS training is based on the latest scientific research and achieves highly efficient training in practice. The price of an EMS system is determined by raw material, production, and development costs and can be compared to a 12-month membership at an EMS studio.

I want to build significant muscle mass. Is this possible with this system and if so, how?

That’s a great question! Yes, absolutely. You can also “REALLY” build muscles with our EMS suits. A brief explanation: You have white and red skeletal muscles. The white muscle is fast-twitch, large, and can be best trained with maximum force. The red muscle is accordingly slow-twitch, more athletic, and can be best trained with many repetitions. Specifically: If you want to build muscle, you train your white skeletal muscle. Without EMS, you do 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions per muscle group, such that you couldn’t do a 13th repetition. With EMS, you only need one set under otherwise the same conditions. You are thus approximately 3 times faster and stress your joints correspondingly 3 times less. To optimally address your white skeletal muscle with EMS, you need a frequency between 50 and 100 Hz, e.g., our Fitness program with 85 Hz.

If you want to train your endurance muscle (tennis, running, biking, golf, etc.), you want to train your red skeletal muscle. You train this with many repetitions and small weights, e.g., on the treadmill, biking with HIIT, or with light weights, with which you can do 1 x 40 to 50 repetitions. To optimally address your red muscle, set the EMS system to a frequency of under 30 Hz, e.g., our Metabolism program with 7 Hz. If you ride a bike or run for an hour, leave the current off for the first 20 minutes, train for 20 minutes with EMS impulses, and then again for 20 minutes without current.