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FAQ – Towermax Fitness


If you have problem or you need help, please contact us!

Can i use my own sound?

Unfortunately, no. You can only use the given tracks.

Why are the flying objects slow?

You don’t have enough performance on your pc system. Maybe you can increase this by closing all unnecessary programs.

Can i workout without VR-headset?

No, Towermax Fitness can only be used in VR.

New updates are not running in supermedium?

Delete the cache in Supermedium Browser. Delete the files in folder C:\Users\(your user)\AppData\Local\Supermedium\Profiles\(your profile)\cache2\entries

Can i save my settings

Your settings will be saved in your browser automatically.

Can i import settings?

Unfortunately, not yet. 

Can i make my own tracklist?

You can like the tracks and choose My Likes at programs.