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Train your power with the tower

Free soundbased online virtual reality workout for boxers, martial arts and fitness enthusiasts
The basic elements are cross, hook, uppercut punches and kicks, squats, steps, running, dodge and other movements. You workout on top of a tower, which gets higher with your good performance.

Train with the rhythm of great sounds from Soundcloud.

All sessions are randomly generated. This always gives you different workouts.

Set up your workout with different settings to suit your needs.

Workout at home, but feels like you workout in space

Beat and dodge physical objects.

Supports htc vive tracker for feet.

See your punch and kick moves

Train with different combos, stamina, speed, coordination, reaction

As a member you can create and use your own tracklists.

As a member your workout will be recorded, so you can see your workout statistics.

As a Pro member you can create interval timers and use them in your workout on the tower.

As a Pro member you can connect your bluetooth heartrate sensor to the tower, the burned calories will be shown.


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Put on your headset and go!

Important: VR-headset (HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT) and a WebVR/WebXR supported Browser required (Supermedium, Firefox, Chromium)
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