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XR UNITS - Workout Training Game

Our VR Fitness Units 1

Tower Workout

Our VR Fitness Units 2

Your full body VR workout on the fitness tower, especially with feet trackers. It’s a rhythm-based workout. With moderate sound, you have a balanced endurance and cardio workout, with hard sound you have a highly intense and challenging workout. The basic elements are cross, hook, uppercut punches, kicks, squats, steps, running, dodge, and other movements. Reach your max fitness potential. You work out on top of a tower, which gets higher with your good performance.

Our VR Fitness Units 3


Our VR Fitness Units 2

With the Workout Unit PeakFreak, you’ll be immersed in a thrilling VR fitness experience that is perfect for those looking to have fun while getting fit. The app combines the power of music with physical activity, creating an engaging and entertaining workout like no other. Throughout your sessions, you’ll be challenged by a robot sending various objects towards you. Some of these objects require quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination to catch them, while others test your agility as you dodge them.

Our VR Fitness Units 5
Our VR Fitness Units 2

Virtual Reality training for martial artists to train your reaction, endurance, speed, coordination, and techniques. There is combo training, random training, and defense training. The training position can move to different positions in order to practice positioning, realignments, and estimating distances. The target objects can be punched, and the defense objects can be avoided or blocked with fists, elbows, feet, or knees. Also, it offers a kind of a wing chun dummy mode.

Our VR Fitness Units 7
Our VR Fitness Units 2

Mixed Punch Bag is virtual reality training for martial artists to train with a real punching bag. You can set the dimension of your real punching bag or a boxing wall. There are targets on your punch bag to be hit with fists and elbows. Furthermore, the training includes defensive objects for dodging and blocking. You can use it for your Virtual Reality punching bag boxing workout.

Our VR Fitness Units 9
Our VR Fitness Units 2

A VR boxing workout game. You will fight against Tsu Qtana in the VR arcade game. In front of you, you have the two fighters in a 2d virtual reality arcade game style. You move your fighter with your real movements and punches. You need to win three rounds for the next level. You can play it in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (experimental, read instructions), mobile and desktop mode. It‘s also possible to play a Player versus Player (PVP) Match across devices. It’s a Virtual Reality game with fitness aspects. It’s less Augmented Reality fitness and more an AR game, the same on the computer.

Our VR Fitness Units 11

Sling Surf

Our VR Fitness Units 2

A VR surfing experience. You will surf a wind turbine boat in the ocean. You can cruise for yourself, or you can do races. By leaning to the side, you can change direction, right for left, left for right. The more you lean back, the more speed you get. You need additional fastening equipment!

Our VR Fitness Units 13
Our VR Fitness Units 2

Punching Ball Games are various punching games. There are 3 different games available. The principle is always the same. There are punch balls that you have to hit and hit something with them. There are defense objects that you have to block or avoid. Your head must not be hit by the defense objects. You can derive the defense objects with blocks and hit the fields for specials.

Our VR Fitness Units 15

Rhythm Lanes

Our VR Fitness Units 2

With the Rhythm Lanes, you can put your moving and rhythm skills to the test. To the rhythm of the music, targets for the head and hands will move towards you on the lanes. You have to position your head and hands to hit the targets. In General Settings, you can change the width of the lanes, from 1 meter (3.28 feet) to 3 meters (9.84252 feet). The Music tracks have different difficulty levels (Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard, Challenge).

Our VR Fitness Units 17
Our VR Fitness Units 2

The TrampoJumpo Music Valley experience on the trampoline. You jump on the trampoline according to the trainer’s instructions to the rhythm of the music on the sound boxes. The jumps generate locomotion, which you can use to move through the valley. In the valley, many effects and animations go with the music and create a party atmosphere.

Our VR Fitness Units 19

Tower Hockey

Our VR Fitness Units 2

Tower Hockey is a squat workout game. You against up to five opponents in a match. You move your glider by bending your knees, and by leaning sideways, you turn the direction. You have to get the puck into your goal. All you have to do is get the puck in your goal. If you nudge your opponent multiple times, he’ll jump in the air and you can go through below.

Our VR Fitness Units 21
Our VR Fitness Units 2

StepUpRun, is a low-impact workout.  It’s easy, you run in different variations while standing and attached to grips with the hands. You only need two one-handed grips. Ordinary exercise handles or trx are attached at head height. You relieve your knees and tense your upper body by holding the handles.

Our VR Fitness Units 23
Our VR Fitness Units 2

Drill Track is a Virtual Reality running track for your home. It has an extended and a reduced mode. You run in a training shuttle with different environments. You can work out with an empty track, with a slalom, or with bar equipment. Also has modes such as following, catching, dash start, math, trivia and learning, and others. You can use it for your VR cardio workout, and increase your endurance,  it has Interval timers for HIIT training or simple jogging.

XR CARDIO - Workout with Fitness Equipment

Our VR Fitness Units 25
Our VR Fitness Units 2

Protect the Energy. We humans have taken over the transport routes for growing food from a peaceful species and blocked them. The species is now trying to destroy the guardians again with its soldiers. You are the protector and you have to stop them and bring back the stolen energy. Workout with Elliptical Machines like Crosstrainer, Stepper, Row Machines, Vertical Climber, Suspensions Training, Dual Pulley, Swimming, Trampoline.

Our VR Fitness Units 27


XR Cardio
Our VR Fitness Units 2

We humans try to enrich our gods with religious towers of creatine from the ground. The creatures living there in the Creatineland try to prevent it and destroy our towers. You have to stop them by shooting them with a catapult. There are towers soaring into the sky. Enemy creatures come and want to destroy them. You have to hit them with the catapult. Workout with Elliptical Machines like Crosstrainer, Stepper, Row Machines, Vertical Climber, Suspensions Training, Dual Pulley, Swimming, Trampoline.

escape from fat cell vr app image
Our VR Fitness Units 2

You were one of the test subjects in the secret genetic research facility F.A.T. You managed to escape from the laboratory due to an accident during an experiment. Now, you’re in the sewer system of the facility looking for the exit. There are auxiliary objects necessary for the escape that you have to find. Beware of the lab workers and flee from them if they catch sight of you.. Workout with Elliptical Machines like Crosstrainer, Stepper, Row Machines, Vertical Climber, Suspensions Training, Dual Pulley, Swimming, Trampoline.

XR FITCLASS - Solo and Group Fitness Classes

Our VR Fitness Units 30
Our VR Fitness Units 2

Getting fit with vr in courses. Workout space journey(~25 minutes) to the cave. During the fitness class you will fly from the mainship to a cave and back. The class is for advanced, you should know about fitness basics and the correct execution. The class is simple, follow the exercises of the instructor. You can workout in a solo fitness class (private class) or with others in a group fitness class.

XR RELAXING ZONES - Cool Down, Stretching, Meditation

virtual reality relaxing zones
Our VR Fitness Units 2

After Workout time in space in between cyber trees. The Chill Garden, offers you four public gardens in space with cyber grass and trees. You can join it with friends or meet strangers and talk during your cool down and stretching, increase your mental health and stress management. Use the privates for more calm for doing your types of meditation and relaxation techniques, tai chi, yoga exercises.

MISCELLANEOUS - tools and others

Our VR Fitness Units 33

Video Screen Space

Tutorial and learning videos
Our VR Fitness Units 2

It is a place for playing learning videos in virtual reality. It is specially designed for tutorials, choreographies, katas, forms, etc. It should help you have a better view of the tutorial video. For example, the “Follow Screen” always has the video in front of you. No more looking sideways at the monitor or smartphone as you are used to when you have to move. Especially with yoga tutorials, it isn’t easy to follow the video because you are in different positions. Even with katas or choreographies where you move and turn, you now always have a view of the video.