Fitness Trampoline Course

TrampoJumpo Music Valley

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You need a real Fitness Trampoline for this unit!

Towermax Fitness TrampoJumpo Music Valley, your VR Fitness Trampoline Course.  

Looking for an exhilarating and fun workout? Look no further than the TrampoJumpo Music Valley! This one-of-a-kind workout experience will have you jumping on a trampoline to the beat of the music. You’ll be jumping and moving your body in new and exciting ways, all while getting a great cardio workout. The TrampoJumpo Music Valley is perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels. So come on down and join the fun!

Whats about:
The TrampoJumpo Music Valley experience on the trampoline. You jump on the trampoline according to the instructor’s instructions to the rhythm of the music on sound boxes. The jumps create locomotion that you can use to move through the valley.

What you have to do:
You have to jump according to the instructions of the instructor. You can change direction by moving your head sideways. Be careful and stop jumping while turning sideways to be safe. You must follow behind the instructor. By jumping, you create a forward movement. You’ll see a blue animation when the instructor’s new jump combo.

Trampoline Controller Adapter:
If you have a controller adapter for your trampoline, you can also activate the move control for controllers.

You can set the range of head movement and the intensity of the sideways movement in the Move-Control Settings.

Move earnings (ME):
Is the general fitness currency that shows your achieved performance.

Keep You Safe

Take care of your body and environment!
Jumping in the Music Valley!

Fitness Trampoline


Real Fitness Trampoline in VR


Rhythm based Environment


Instructor based Course


Real Physic Movements


Jump to the MusicNow

Put on your headset and train!

(HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT/QUEST) and a WebVR/WebXR supported Browser required (Supermedium Firefox, Oculus Browser )


Do you haven't VR exercise equipment?
What you have to do

Quick Instructions


Start Course

Click Start Course or Start it for starting the game.


During Course

You have to jump according to the instructions of the instructor. You can change direction by moving your head sideways


At the End

After course click, I QUIT for ending.
You can make the menu console (during workout) appear by pressing trigger four times in quick succession (within 2 seconds). The menu button works too, except for the Oculus Quest! With Oculus Quest press the thumbstick.

TrampoJumpo - Music Valley - Demonstration

TrampoJumpo - Music Valley - Demonstration with Strap Handles

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