Surf on a Wind Turbine Boat

Sling Surf - Virtual Reality Surfing

You need additional fastening equipment!

Towermax Fitness Sling Surf is a virtual reality water sports experience.  

Looking for a new and exciting way to get your surf fix? Look no further than the Sling Surf! This innovative new product offers a virtual reality surfing experience that is unlike anything else on the market. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Sling Surf allows you to strap in – without ever having to leave the comfort of dry land.

The Sling Surf is perfect for anyone who loves the thrill of surfing but doesn’t want to deal with the hassles of traditional surfing – like getting wax on your board or dealing with dangerous rip currents. With Sling Surf, you can enjoy all the fun of surfing without any of hassle! And because it’s so easy to set up and use, you can start enjoying the waves in no time at all.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to catch some serious air with the Sling Surf!

What about:
The goal is to offer a kind of Windsurf or Kite Surfing feeling unit. Currently, the Wind Turbine Boat is available and four race courses.

You need additional fastening equipment:
Slings like TRX, resistance band, and harness. It’s primary a unit for use in gyms, but if you have the necessary equipment, you can also do it at home.
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How to move:
We recommend attaching the controller to your inside wrist (Grips), but not necessary. By leaning to the side, you can change direction, right for left, left for right. The more you lean back, the more speed you get. If you stand upright, it will stop. You can step a little forward to move backward. Note there is an ocean stream.

What you have to do:
You can cruise for yourself, or you can do races. On race, you have a start gate (green), then red gates, and a finish gate (black). You have to go through them one by one.

The radar arrow will show you the direction and distance to the next gate or object.

Move earnings (ME):
Is our general fitness currency that shows your achieved performance.

How to use your background sound:

Sling Surf About 1

Attention the workout can be dangerous

Be careful, certain use of equipment can pose a risk of damage to you and the equipment!

It’s not a joke, you have to master some training equipment. You have to know how to operate it in virtual reality and you shouldn’t take any risk. You have to start slowly and feel your way. You can cause yourself serious harm and damage equipment and the environment!

You will make unusual sideways movements to change direction on the equipment.

Prevent overturning, loosening
First be sure that the training equipment does not overturn and it is well secured!
Do not attach to cabinets or other movable furniture. This is dangerous and can be fatal!

Always be aware of how the equipment moves
Always be aware of where and how your equipment is. You don’t see the equipment in virtual reality.

Be aware of dangers
There are many dangers, test the dangers in reality first and be aware of them later in VR!

Keep You Safe

Take care of your body and environment!
Surfing in VR!

Enjoy your surfing on the ocean


Slings for hanging backwards like TRX


Resistance bands or similar and a harness


Vertical Wind Turbine Boat


4 Races are available


You are on the ocean


Sling Surf About 3

Put on your headset and surf!

(HTC VIVE or OCULUS RIFT/QUEST) and a WebVR/WebXR supported Browser required (  Firefox, Firefox Reality, Oculus Browser )


Do you haven't VR exercise equipment?
What you have to do

Quick Instructions

Sling Surf About 5


Attach yourself

Attach yourself and test your suspension.


Center View

Position yourself in an upright position (not hanging) and recenter the view by holding the Oculus button pressed for 3 seconds. Check out, if the turbine is completely out, when you are hanging in the slings.

Sling Surf About 6
Sling Surf About 7


Select Mode

Select your mode, e.g. a race


Start Surfing

Click Start Surfing or Start it.
Press the right thumpstick (Oculus Quest), menu button (others than Quest) or press the trigger 4 times in a row to open the menu.

Sling Surf About 8
Sling Surf About 9


Moving Direction

You change direction as soon as you are moving to the left (right move) or to the right (left move). The more you move to the side, the faster the direction changes. If you are standing upright, it will stop. If you are hanging to the back, you will have more speed. You can step a little forward to move backwards. Note there is an ocean stream.


At the End

After Surfing click I QUIT for ending.
You can make the menu console (during workout) appear by pressing trigger four times in quick succession (within 2 seconds). The menu button works too, except for the Oculus Quest! With Oculus Quest press the thumbstick.

Sling Surf About 10

Oculus Quest controller attachment

Sling Surf About 11

We use the Controller Grips from VR Cover. You have to find out for yourself what works well, there are no ready-made solutions at the moment. For more comfort we also use a usual wristband.

VR Cover Controller Grips for Oculus Quest 2 (Light Grey)

Sling Surf About 12

Sling Surf additional attachment

Sling Surf About 13

You need one sling for the hands, a resistance band for the body and some harness for fixing the resistance band.
You can also take a DIY solution. You need some to hold when you lean back, you need some that hold your body and support you backward, forward, sidement movements.

TRX or similiar


TRX or similiar.

TRX GO Suspension Trainer System: Lightweight & Portable| Full Body Workouts, All Levels & All Goals
Includes Get Started Poster, 2 Workout Guides & Indoor/Outdoor Anchors

Sling Surf About 14
Body Resistance

Resistance Band

Resistance Bands, 15 Pieces Exercise Elastic Resistance Bands Set, 20lbs to 40lbs Resistance Tubes with Heavy Duty Protective Nylon Sleeves Anti-Snap for Fitness Workout SUPALAK

Sling Surf About 15

Resistance Bands Set – 150lbs/200lbs Walito Exercise Resistance Bands with Handles, 5 Tube Fitness Bands with Door Anchor, Elastic Bands for Exercise, Physical Therapy, Home Workouts

Sling Surf About 16
Resistance Band Harness

Resistance Harness

Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness, Protect Waist Safety Harness, Wider Half Body Harness for Mountaineering/Fire Rescuing/Rock Climbing/Rappelling/Tree Climbing

Sling Surf About 17

Mystic Watersports – Surf Kitesurf & Windsurfing Star Waist Harness Teal – 3D Contoured Neoprene Interior – Covered Side

Sling Surf About 18

Aftco HRNS1BLUE Max Force Harness Blue

Sling Surf About 19

Sling Surfing with Race Mode - Oculus Quest 2

You are looking for surfing vr and kitesurfing vr and windsurfing vr try sling surf surfing virtual reality

enjoy surfing vr a feeling like kitesufing vr and windsurfing vr all in virtual. Use the oculus quest for virtual reality surfing. Is free and gym compatible. use suspension trx for virtual surfing. Make your surf race vr with the oculus quest 2 for free.