Towermax Fitness Hub

Towermax Fitness main base to meet us and other people. 

In the middle of a glacier wasteland, in the center of mountains on a frozen lake, is our main station of the Virtual Reality Gym.

If you have a question, meet us on the Hub. From the Hub you have access to all our WebXR units, you can book a flight to your workout destination. By the way, the flight is just a more immersive way than clicking a link. A shuttle will pick you up and will bring you to your selected unit. You can also get a small preview of all XR Units. If we are online, you can call an employee. We will join you and answer your question or have a chat. You can visit the Hub in Virtual Reality with Oculus Quest and Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive and Cosmos, Windows Mixed Reality and more. It also works with computer or smartphone. Make sure you have your microphone on.
We are not always online, make an appointment.

Towermax Fitness Hub 1
Towermax Fitness Hub 2

Request a shuttle

Start your Fitness Journey from the Hub
Meeting Point and Mainstation!

Let's meet on Hubs


Meet us and others


Take a shuttle to the XR Units


Get a little insight of the XR Units.


We are not always online!
How you visit it

Quick Instructions Hub

Towermax Fitness Hub 4


Join the Hub

The Hub is at our Groupfit.Zone. Enter the hub by clicking at the image. In the right bottom corner you see the number of visitors. Maybe you have to wait 30 seconds to load the webpage.

Towermax Fitness Hub 3


Enter the Room

Click “Enter Room”. If you are on the PC/VR-Headset select your device.

Towermax Fitness Hub 6
Towermax Fitness Hub 7


Select your Avatar

Select your avatar and set your name.


Allow Audio

Let allow your audio, so you can speak to each other. Later you can set mute if you want.

Towermax Fitness Hub 8
Towermax Fitness Hub 9


Request the Shuttle

For visiting a XR Unit you can request for a flight. The shuttle will pick you up. It’s just a style to get to the XR Units.


Level Elevator

To change the level you only need to walk to the elevator. After using the elevator you need  to wait a few seconds before you can go back.

Towermax Fitness Hub 10
Towermax Fitness Hub 11


The Units

For all XR Units you have a preview station. You can look at it and get a small insight with 360 image, video and description. You can also request a flight from that point by clicking the description.