Big tower update! 1

There was a big update on the tower with some new functions

  • We added 2 new defense elements:
    Fists attack for reactionary dodging and side defense with punch
  • We have tightened the accuracy. You have to punch more precisely, by the trajectory you now can see how well you punch.
  • We also have redesigned the menu console, looks much better now.
  • A little new social function: if you see red stars in the universe, these are other people who are currently working out. Work hard so that your tower is big and your star will be brighter.


A big new features is the member area:

  • You can register as a member, for free.
  • As a logged in member your workout will be recorded, so you can see your workout statistics.
  • You can create and use your own tracklist.
  • You can like every track and the track will be added to your personal selection list.
  • All settings will be saved and will be loaded the next time you login.
  • As a Pro member you can connect your bluetooth heartrate sensor to the tower, the detailed statistic and the burned calories will be shown and you can create and set interval timers for your workout.

Check the tower and have fun with the update!

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