Chill Garden hat eine neue Funktion für Meditation und Chillout 1

The Chill Garden has now been updated with new animations, and also new functions have been added.

There are now flying jellyfish, manta rays and and we have trees and the ground changed to color.

A Relax mode. Offering a 12 minute session where you calm down which is perfect for you after an intense workout.

Another new function is a fly around during the session, where you can fly around comfortably and turn around your own axis. This shall increase the meditative immersive feeling. The idea behind this is when you open your eyes during a meditation, that it still feels spiritual. We have great experience with chillout session but of course, this can also be deactivated.

Furthermore, there is a Free mode. This is for playing your own audio such as meditation guides if you wish, ambient sound and others. The animations can be accordingly little adjusted. You can set when to take off and when to return to the ground.

It’s all generated randomly, so every session is a little different.

As a member, it is also possible to save your own audio links from Youtube, Soundcloud and Mixcloud with the appropriate times and then play them in the Hill Garden.

give it a try…

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