meditation in virtual realoty

Does meditation work in virtual reality and what are the benefits

Does meditation work in virtual reality? 1

Classic meditation basically works like this: close your eyes, go deeply, ponder, go into yourself. Virtual Reality, apart from 3D sound, is a visual medium. Meditation can work in the virtual world or VR even brings improvements in meditation.

Guided meditation with videos

There are many meditation instructions and guided meditations, such as YouTube, which works with speech and music. Even for people who are not interested in meditation, these have a calming effect. Especially the spoken word, or rather the spoken word in combination with a well-fitting voice, can have a lot of influence on thoughts and feelings. What does virtual reality bring with closed eyes.


Enhanced effect with position sound

The perception of noises and sound has the advantage in VR that they can be positioned. For example, noises can be played exactly 3m to the left 4m forwards. This comes across in the virtual world as it does in the real world. Then when the head is turned in that direction, it is like in reality. This is how senses can be manipulated.

Moving sounds are also possible to mobilize increased mental sensations. This is also possible in a YouTube video, but it is not felt as intense and real without the appropriate audio equipment. In VR, this is the basic equipment. This allows many new applications of audio manipulation to be used for meditative purposes.



Visual benefit for meditation

Does meditation work in virtual reality? 2



Since VR is a very visual medium, it doesn’t make much sense at first glance as the eyes are closed during the session. There is one factor in which this is exactly an advantage. A relaxed environment is helpful for meditating.
Not all of them have, or especially not always, the opportunity to go to one of these to relax. This is where VR comes into play. In the virtual world, it is very easy to create a pleasant and relaxing environment. Using headphones, the session can take place completely isolated.
This makes the use of virtual reality sensible and brings great benefits when meditating, even when the eyes are closed. Because the entry into and exit at the end of the meditation session through the virtual environment intensifies the perception and eliminates disturbances in the real environment. Thereby it promotes regular meditation. The isolation from the outside world offers ideal conditions for finding inner peace.




Visual meditation, the power for the brain

Another aspect is visual meditation, meditate with your eyes open. What sounds strange at first is a big advantage of VR. VR can be played visually. Visual worlds can be created that do not exist in the real world.
It can be played with time and speed, audio-visual stimuli that can stimulate and manipulate the brain can be experienced. This opens a whole new range of possibilities in the world of meditation. It is a kind of active meditation for the mind and body. There are many good examples of how this can be done.
Another good area of ​​application is training the brain. With specific processes, the brain can be manipulated and trained to be switched on.



Virtually intensify spirituality and hallucination

Does meditation work in virtual reality? 3

Hallucination is a supposed, imagined perception, an illusion. Now we are taking away supposed, imagined ones, and have actually described VR.
Many spiritual sessions promote a hallucinogenic state and the spiritual experiences with additives, plants, drugs. In which the person meets his spirit, deals with his fears, desires, goals.
We’re not going into what spirituality is now, it’s not about that aspect. The point is that a virtual environment can be created with manipulative audio and visual events that can produce a similar state. Of course, it’s not the same as being in a sweat lodge or under the influence of drugs. But the possibilities are there to create an alternative, a different kind.
Of course, it’s difficult to develop something that will fit most people. A book is a good comparison. A reader introduces himself and differently from others, the described story that a writer makes up. The film shows exactly what the director had in mind. It’s similar with VR, it’s more like a movie than a book.

Ayahuasca VR is a very good example of how something like this can be realized



The virtual spiritual coincidence

Are virtual reality applications like a movie. The answer is yes and no. It can be that everything is experienced in a given timeline. But what’s the difference with VR is that it’s like a computer game. That means it can also be free of processes. With randomly generated content, very special events can be achieved and offered.




Does meditation work in the virtual world now?

That’s a definite yes. Even if it shouldn’t be compared to classic meditation. Nor should it be viewed as an alternative, rather than another form of meditation, a digital meditation. But it offers great potential in the area of ​​meditation. It is also very good for use by people with poor concentration, as well as children who are easily distracted and bored.
In many sciences fiction films that deal with spaceships on long journeys, one knows the holo spaces well. Basically, we now have this at home for our spiritual break. It’s an interesting area and we will hear a lot more about it in the future.
TRIPP already offers a lot for daily meditation in VR



Meditation for Beginners

Does meditation work in virtual reality? 4
Beginners who are about to learn to meditate, virtual meditation offers the advantage that more targeted influences can work. Courses can be offered in which the peelers can be guided step by step deeper into a meditative state. It simplifies the entry for those who want to learn meditation.




To try out meditation right away

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