Level Up Your VR Fitness Sessions with the Ultimate Power Boost! 1

Ever found yourself deep into a heart-pumping, sweat-dripping VR workout session, only to be abruptly stopped by your headset waving the white flag of low battery? Yeah, we’ve all been there, and it’s the absolute worst. But fear not, because we’ve got the ultimate game-changer for you: a power-packed solution that’ll keep you moving without missing a beat!

The Frustration:

Picture this – you’re in the zone, calories burning, adrenaline rushing, and then suddenly, your virtual world goes dark. Your headset’s battery has bailed on you, right in the midst of your training glory. Talk about a major buzzkill!

The Game-Changer:

Enter the dynamic duo of endurance and convenience – the Battery Head Strap for Quest 3 by Kiwi Design, and its perfect partner, the RGB Vertical Charging Stand and SPC Battery Head Strap for Quest 3. These aren’t just accessories; they’re your ticket to unstoppable fitness sessions with 2-4 extra hours.

Why These Accessories Are a Must-Have:

  • Say Goodbye to Cables: Forget the days of fumbling with cables mid-workout. The Battery Head Strap offers a sleek, wireless solution, letting you move freely and focus on what really matters – your fitness.
  • Ultra-Durable, Ultra-Comfortable: Built to last with over 10,000 bending cycles and equipped with a memory foam cushion, the Battery Head Strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit, so you can dive into your workouts without distractions.
  • Charge with Ease: And here’s the kicker – charging your headset is as simple as placing it on the RGB Vertical Charging Stand. No plugging, no fuss. Just set it down and let it power up. This isn’t just convenient; it’s how charging should have always been.
  • Keep the Energy Flowing: With a 6400mAh battery, expect 2-4 extra hours of heart-pumping action. More time means more workouts, more challenges overcome, and more fun.
  • Not Just Functional, But Stylish: The RGB Vertical Charging Stand isn’t just a charger; it’s a statement. With 16 optional RGB lights, it turns your charging station into a mini light show, adding a cool vibe to your gaming setup.


Why You’ll Love This Setup:

  • Extended Playtime: Both accessories come with a 6400mAh battery, extending your VR adventures by 2-4 hours. More time means more calories burned, more goals smashed, and ultimately, more satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The Battery Head Strap boasts a 52° detachable joint mechanism, allowing for easy adjustments, while the memory foam cushion ensures the Quest 3 stays snug and comfortable, no matter how intense your workout gets.
  • Quality That Lasts: With the high-energy density Amprius battery, you’re not just getting extra playtime; you’re getting the assurance of quality and reliability. Because when you’re in the middle of conquering virtual peaks, the last thing you need is your gear letting you down.


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Battery Head Strap for Quest 3 by Kiwi Design


RGB Vertical Charging Stand and SPC Battery Head Strap

The Vertical Charging Stand seamlessly integrates with your VR ecosystem, offering compatibility across the board with Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro – ensuring your virtual adventures are always ready to roll, no matter the device.


So, fellow fitness enthusiasts, if you’re tired of the dreaded low battery interrupting your flow, it’s time to upgrade your VR setup. With the Battery Head Strap and the RGB Vertical Charging Stand, you’re not just investing in accessories; you’re securing uninterrupted, comfortable, and utterly immersive fitness experiences. Ready to take your VR workouts to the next level? Let’s power up and keep moving!