tower workout update

The Tower has a new update

It’s now Meta Quest 2 optimized and has new environments!

The new environments:
  • Random: A random environment will be created. You can click the button multiple times to create a different environment.
  • Sunrise: It’s a similar environment to random, but there will be a sunrise.
  • Sunset: It’s a similar environment to random, but there will be a Sunset.
  • Light Show: A kind of light show that will be animated to the sound.
  • Warp Travel: You will find yourself in a kind of warp tunnel. Attention, it can cause balance disorders and dizziness in sensitive people!
  • Earth Flight: You are in space and you fly around the earth.
The Tower Workout is a free-rhythm virtual reality workout for martial artists and fitness enthusiasts.
With moderate sound, you have a balanced endurance and cardio workout, with hard sound you have a highly intense and hard workout. The basic elements are cross, hook, uppercut punches, squats, steps, running, dodge, and other movements. Reach your max fitness potential. You work out on top of a tower, which gets higher with your good performance.
Try it out:
It’s WebXR you can open it with your Headset Browser.
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