Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap tested in martial arts training 1

How does the Elite Strap behave in training, does it break?

We tested the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap under training condition. We used our XR Unit Reaction because it is an intensive martial arts training with a lot of rapid head movements. We tested the version without an additional battery.

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap tested in martial arts training 2

Putting on the Elite Strap

It is easier to put on than with the elastic bands. The Oculus Quest feels comfortable and at first glance it has fewer pressure points. It can also be put on loosely, which is an advantage if the settings are to be made beforehand. Then the lenses of the VR headset are heated again, e.g., with the hair dryer, in order to prevent the lenses from tarnishing during training.


During martial arts training

It feels good. The Quest slides back and forth less. It does not have to be tightened as tightly as with the original rubber bands. Even with intense moving back and forth, there is no problem. We clearly noticed fewer pressure points on the forehead.

Even the breathing training mask, which we also used, does not slide down, as sometimes happens. Probably because the quest fits better.



Conclusion on the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

It is a definite improvement in comfort. We recommend buying them. With around 50$ costs, it is also not excessively expensive.

There are reports existing showing that it can break. We can’t say anything about that yet. We will use it intensively and of course we will continue to inform you what to inform.


Watch the test video in VR180

Here is the video of the test training. It was trained in the medium difficulty range of Reaction, so there is also a bit of action to see how the Elite Strap behaves. If you have a Quest, you can also watch the video with the YoutubeVR app in VR180.

You feel like hitting a few targets yourself, here you can find more about the Reaction: