VR Fitness Horror Escape from F.A.T Cell

Today on Halloween, the right day for releasing our new Cardio Unit: Escape from F.A.T Cell

The VR Fitness Horror Unit is a terrifying experience that will pound your heart. You move through the canal system and have to find an exit while fearing what might be waiting for you at each turn! Keep on edge as this journey takes us into some dark waters.
You’re in a cage, moving through the canal system. You must find an exit while fearing what might be waiting for you at each turn! There are terrifying tunnels ahead – canals that will end with your death if you don’t find the exit.

On Halloween, Escape from F.A.T Cell, our new VR Fitness Horror Unit is online 1


The Story:
You were one of the test subjects in the secret genetic research facility F.A.T. You managed to escape from the laboratory due to an accident during an experiment. Now, you’re in the sewer system of the facility, looking for the exit. There are auxiliary objects necessary for the escape that you have to find. Beware of the lab workers and flee from them if they catch sight of you.

What you have to do:
Your movement makes the cage move forward. You can change direction by moving your head sideways. You have to get through the canal system to the exit. Various tools will help you on the run, and you must collect them. If you see lab workers, flee from them, they will try to bring you back.


If you’re not afraid, try it:

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