Sling Surf our new watersports unit 1

Surfing in Virtual Reality

With Sling Surf we have the goal to offer a surfing unit with a like windsurf or kitesurf feeling in virtual reality. For now is a wind turbine boat available. It’s for beginner, not to difficult. With a vertical wind turbine you don’t have to worry about the wind direction. It’s simple, the more the turbine is in the wind, the more speed you get.
The feeling is not bad, but still far from our goals. But you have a good surfing time on the ocean. It only works with additional equipment. No special equipment is required, standard fitness accessories such as a TRX and resistance bands. The additional equipment is necessary to get a more real feeling. It works also with DIY solutions, we will publish it how.

Read more how it works and tryout if you have the equipment.

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