StepUpRun, our new HIIT and Cardio Workout is out! 1


Get pumped for a thrilling fitness adventure with our dazzling basic version, which also offers augmented reality workouts! Delve into an exciting realm of instructor-led, heart-pumping HIIT and cardio sessions, with levels from breezy to beast mode. Unleash your ultimate workout warrior!

Stepuprun is a simple, low-impact workout that’s perfect workout at home and in the gym. It’s easy, you run in different variations while standing and attached to grips with the hands. you only need two one-handed grips. ordinary exercise handles or trx are attached at head height. you relieve your knees and tense your upper body by holding the handles.
More about StepUpRun on the official website

We will also add stepuprun to our cardio sessions and bring out other fitness experiences with it.

Check it out:
StepUpRun AR/VR