VR Cover Grips testing

The VR Cover Oculus Quest Controller Grips https://vrcover.com/item/controller-grips-for-oculus-quest-2/  have been delivered and we have tested them for Mixed Punch Bag, punching a real punching bag  in Virtual Reality.

VR Cover Oculus Quest Grips

This demands everything from the Grips, Mixed Punch Bag is an extreme strain and not normal use. The VR Cover Oculus Quest Controller Grips fit well, and fixing is easy. We tested them with simple Everlast Hand Wraps gloves.


After a short trial period, it quickly became clear that they didn’t work as well as our previous grips. The problem is with the rubber bands. They are easier to fix and also have a good grip, but they give way too much when they hit the punching bag and the rubber bands keep coming off on hitting.
In the video you can see how the fist moves.

For all other uses (e.g. Tower Workout, Reaction, Arcade XR Fighter) they are very good and we definitely recommend the VR Cover Oculus Quest Controller Grips for purchase. They offer enormous convenience and performance advantages. They are just not ideal for hitting in a punching bag. But we will try them out with big boxing gloves and look for a better fixation solution. When we have a solution, we will publish it here.

Try out yourself:

If you have good martial arts experience and a punching bag, try it out yourself it’s free of charge. It works best with the Oculus Quest, but it also works with HTC Headsets, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality and other WebXR enable VR Headsets. But please be super careful, you can injure yourself and damage your devices.

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