The interruption of the units is fixed 1

We had to change the code of all units last week, because the Oculus Browser no longer supports WebVR.  That’s why all units did not work with the Oculus Quest and we didn’t know that before. We were waiting with the change to WebXR (performance issue, not because of WebXR itself) because it is currently losing performance of 30-40% and some units like Reaction are not usable for the Quest. This will be fixed sometime, but not for now. We try to make a workaround for this issue, unfortunately with moderate success till now. All units run provisionally again, we check each one and try to optimize them.

The Tower Workout is now workoutable again. And we added new sound, for smooth sessions and of course some aka “geballer” for intense satisfaction.
Let’s try out the new sound!

to Tower Workout


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