The Suspension Workout Room Is Here: Experience Revolutionary VR Suspension Training with EMS Support! 1

Welcome to the Future of Suspension Training

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the “Suspension Workout Room,” a cutting-edge virtual reality fitness application that is now available and ready to transform your workout routine. Dive into instructor-led suspension training sessions that are designed to leverage the power of VR, ensuring you experience a full-body workout like never before.


Harness the Power of EMS Suits for Enhanced Results

Our “Suspension Workout Room” is fully compatible with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) suits, integrating advanced technology to boost the intensity and effectiveness of your training sessions. By wearing an EMS suit, you engage more muscle fibers, significantly enhancing your strength and endurance gains during each workout. Simply activate the EMS functionality in the settings, sync your suit with the instructor’s movements, and you’re set for an electrifying fitness journey.
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Discover More about Suspension Workout Room

For those eager to learn more about how “Suspension Workout Room” can revolutionize your fitness regimen, further information is available on our website. Explore how our mixed reality environment blends real and virtual elements to deliver an immersive, interactive workout experience. With features like hand tracking technology, you can interact naturally in the virtual space—no controllers needed. Plus, the randomize exercise order option keeps your sessions dynamic and engaging.

Join us in the Suspension Workout Room and start training in a whole new dimension today!