The Video Screens now also enable in Reaction and a new Dummy Mode function 1

The screen capture function is now also enable in Reaction. With this function, you can watch videos, movies from Youtube, Netflix, Twitch or whatever you want during training. It can be shown on 2(4) big screens on the side. Or you can have a display which follows the base, you can play technique tutorials while you train.

Dummy mode is new too. It’s like a wing chun dummy in VR. It is not the same as the original, it’s a little optimized for VR. There is a setting for choosing dummies arms. Not all three, let just show one in random choice.

Here are some impressions of the two new functions of Towermax Fitness Reaction. The videos on the screens are just “motivation martial arts fight” searched on youtube.


Try it out, you find the dummy mode in the settings, don’t forget to activate the elbows. The Video Screen(early access) only as member available (Membership is free).

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