Tower change details 1

At the previous tower, when the targets appeared completely synchronous to the sound, it was extremely difficult to make it, depending on the combo. It says “train like a cyborg” and not “training for cyborgs”.

There were breaks on sound, where no targets appeared, but you wanted to hit them because you were so into the ryhtm. The sequences of the combos were matching to the sound, but too short. As soon as you got one combo, it already changed again. You couldn’t dive into the rhytm and you really had to be good and fast. After a long test and try, there are now well portioned sequences. Some of them longer, some shorter and always seamless transitions. So now you have a good compromise for a great workout experience.

We removed all of the visual sound animations, because they distracted a lot. For this we now have created a nice space ambience. At the moment we still have issues with Oculus Rift. Right now it has a light version of the space.

We also removed the automatic range and distance calculation, now everyone can set their personal settings. Targets can be set in height, range and distance, depending on the technique. Some want to punch further away, others rather short.

The menu console has been completely redone.

We hope you enjoy the new tower and you have a good time during workout!

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