house of dance wirtual reality fitness

Try out Virtual Reality Fitness

Do you know House of Dance from our videos. Last year we reduced our offers
for virtual reality fitness, but now there great news for those who are interested to try out. There will be offers in the House of Dance for you soon again. We don’t offer it by ourselves, but he House of Dance does it.


House of Dance goes virtual

The owner of House of Dance is an avid Oculus Quest user by herself. And she would like to expand her offer into the virtual world. There will be soon new offers for VR Space, also for people who want to try out VR Fitness.


Try Towermax.Fitness units

Our Towermax.Fitness units are offered to try out, VR Group Fitness courses and as well as new ones that we are currently developing.


Oculus Quest Fitness

At the moment there will only be Oculus Quest Fitness offers. It is currently the best VR headset for fitness.

There are many opportunities for Gym VR Space for Workout and Training in the House of Dance. That means for instance that you can exercise with your own Oculus Quest headset on fitness equipment in the gym. There are plenty of stations for TRX trainings, trampolines and bungee fitness.


Virtual Reality E-Sports training and fun

There are also plans for VR E-Sports training places for offers such as Echo Arena, Onward and other competition games. There is enough space to practice strategies as a team or just to have fun in a large area.


We also benefit

For ourselves, we have the advantage that we can get better feedback about the use of our units. We also get better know-how about group fitness courses, improvements and error reports of our units.

This view from the fitness center perspective helps us to make our offers more user-friendly. We can also carry out much better field tests of prototypes in this way. And above all the influence and experience of professional instructors in real life.


When does it start

A lot is still in preparation and trial to compile for an offer. We will of course inform you when the time comes for our switzerland or near living users.