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Best Workout for beginners at home

If you are not motivated to exercise but want to move more, VR is the right choice. Not VR Fitness but VR in general, Virtual Reality is movement.



Is VR good exercise?

It depends on the application. VR is always good for movement, just as sport and fun games are good for movement in reality. In order to do good fitness exercises and get good training, good VR applications with workout aspects must also be used. General VR games are good exercises for beginners.



Choose the right application

Find one or more games that you enjoy. Not those you think will bring you the most movement, but those that interest you the most. The more fun you have with the games, the more exciting it is for you, the longer you play with them. And that means you end up moving more.


Easy weight loss exercises at home

You don’t need any special workout exercises for weight loss at home. You lose weight while playing games. The difference between reality and VR is the motivation factor.

If you are not motivated to do exercises at home, use VR glasses. You are drawn into the virtual world, and you have to move. Even navigating are exercises for weight loss.

VR games are a good home workout for beginners. And as an addition, they are really fun.


More ambition and motivation when playing with other people

Multiplayer games automatically increase your willingness to do more. By playing with other people and achieving goals as a group, your ambition rises even more. This gives more effort, which in turn means more exercise for your body.


Right clothes

The great thing about VR is that nobody sees you. You can immerse yourself in the virtual world in pajamas or underwear. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Your clothes should be as comfortable as possible and not interfere with your movements.


Have enough space

You should have enough space around you so that you are not restricted. 3×3 meters is an excellent area to move around without restriction. But 2×2 meters are also enough.


Warm-up yourself and the VR headset properly

Before you start playing, you should warm-up and stretch a little. Raise your body temperature and increase your blood circulation. Many games start with action, prevent injuries and increase your agility in the game.

It would help if you also warmed your headset with a hairdryer to prevent the lenses from tarnishing.

Don’t overdo it at the beginning

Spending a long time in VR takes a lot of effort. You may have sore muscles from playing for the next few days. But worse is pain due to overuse. You are a beginner, and you don’t like to move around, you have to get used to a lot of movement first.

Too much action can strain your body and your heart, so be careful and feel your way around.

You should also drink enough water while playing.


Cooldown and stretch

After playing, you should stretch a little. Short and light dynamic stretching helps to prevent pain and accelerate regeneration.


Take a break and reduce overload

As with real training, you should take a 1-2 day break from playing. Your body needs periods of rest to recover and regenerate.


Build-up training through play

It’s pretty simple. If you start playing in VR continuously, you will notice for yourself how you move more and how your performance increases. If the games are no longer challenging you enough, you can switch to the VR fitness applications and do real sports in virtual reality. There are a few Oculus Quest workouts that you can do.


Get started with VR fitness right away

Of course, you can start right away with VR fitness applications. VR workouts give you better fitness results than games. But if you don’t feel like doing it, it’s better to play games at the beginning or take a switch.

Rhythm-based VR fitness offers an excellent motivational factor. Make sure that you perform the movements correctly to prevent injuries. The controllers are not heavy but still have extra weight on your arms.


Lose weight and burn calories

Moving around while playing will burn calories. In combination with healthy eating, you will achieve the desired weight loss and body mass index values. But even in VR, the best place to lose weight is in the kitchen.


Lose weight fast

If you change your diet efficiently and eat properly, you will see results quickly. You are a beginner and your body is not used to the movement, changes can be seen more quickly. Just playing games will burn calories and break down fat.

Your body gets the additional energy from your fat reserves unless you compensate for it with food. But you shouldn’t go without food, you should do a moderate and healthy diet. VR gaming can be compared to light cardio training, depending on the game. You can increase fat burning if you use VR fitness offers instead of games.


VR concerts and parties as a sporting activity

Visit virtual concerts and parties. As in the real world, you will dance and move to the music. It is effortless to join a party. You don’t have to go to a location, take part from home. There is also the advantage that you can simply pause in between. From a sporting point of view, of course, advisable to refrain from alcohol during this.


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