Our Fitness Metaverse parts are back online 1

Fitness Multiplayer works again!

You may have noticed that our hub and group fitness courses were unavailable. It said, “Hubs Cloud is currently offline. Check back shortly”. Some of our multiplayer offerings are based on Mozilla Hubs Cloud. There was some problem that we didn’t find out. We suspect there was an update that caused the malfunction. After a long search for errors, we set up the whole thing again. We don’t know how long it hasn’t been accessible, so we’re always happy if you let us know if something doesn’t work.

The Main Station

Our Towermax.Fitness Main station, where people meet to chat, is back online.

Towermax Fitness Hub

If you have a question, meet us on the Hub. From the Hub you have access to all our WebXR units, you can book a flight to your workout destination. By the way, the flight is just a more immersive way than clicking a link. A shuttle will pick you up and will bring you to your selected unit. You can also get a small preview of all XR Units. If we are online, you can call an employee. We will join you and answer your question or have a chat. You can visit the Hub in Virtual Reality with Oculus Quest and Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive and Cosmos, Windows Mixed Reality and more. It also works with computer or smartphone. Make sure you have your microphone on.

The Chill Garden

The Relaxing Zone is also available again for relaxing together.

Chill Garden

The Chill Garden, known from the Cave Trip, offers you four public gardens in space with cyber grass and trees. You can join it with friends or meet strangers and talk during your cool down and stretching, increasing your mental health and stress management.  The environment is designed to reduce stress so that you can focus your attention to relax. The gardens are separated from each other, but you can switch in between them.  In order not to disturb your visual perception, you should be in a room with enough freedom of movement so that the virtual reality guardians are not displayed. 


The Cave Trip

And our Group Fitness Class Cave Trip is again available as a multiplayer. We start our official courses for everyone again. If you want to attend the class in private with your friends, you can open a private multiplayer course.

XR GroupFit Classes

Workout space journey to the cave. During the class, you will fly from the main ship to a cave and back. The class is for advanced, you should know about fitness basics and the correct execution. The class is simple, follow the exercises of the instructor.


Thank you for being so understanding and have fun with the FitClass offers!