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What is the best small home gym equipment

Are you looking for an efficient small fitness equipment for your home?


The best little fitness equipment for home 2021 2

Then you will find it with the Oculus Quest. It is your window into the virtual world of sports and fitness. It doesn’t need a computer or additional sensors. It is easy to store and easy to take with you wherever you go.


Which fitness equipment to use at home is the most effective?

This question is not that easy to answer. It also depends on the person and what their goals are.

Are you someone who doesn’t like to exercise, but still wants to do something for your fitness. Then VR Fitness is ideal and probably most effective for you. You are entertained and challenged, you have to move a lot, but you are not even aware that you move a lot. Which makes exercising more fun than exercising. And for VR fitness you need VR equipment and the Quest is best for that. It is the best fitness machine for the lazy person. If you still like to gamble, you will love them. But be careful not to lose too much weight.

For those who like to exercise and exercise from the ground up, various home fitness equipment can be effective. But VR fitness is also fun for them.

The Oculus Quest is a very effective fitness device because it can be used alone and also in combination with other fitness devices.

You can use it to use other training equipment at home such as your home trainer, cross trainer, rowing machine, vertical climber or others.


You don’t have a place for fitness at home?

The Quest is very small with its dimensions and can be easily stowed away.

You can exercise, for example, in your living room, in the kitchen, simply push the tables and furniture to the side and you have enough space. You can also train well in the laundry room, drying room, hobby room. Or you can also use the Quest outside.


A gym at home with the Oculus Quest

The Quest offers you your own fitness center for at home, not only with our offers. It offers you a lot of variety in how you can design your training program. There are many offers that you can use and with which you can put together a varied training program. It is also easy to spontaneously choose something for yourself depending on your mood.


One of the best fitness equipment for home training

By training in virtual reality you are in another world, in the virtual world. As a result, you don’t feel constricted, especially in your home, as you do with other fitness equipment. This is motivating, it allows you to train longer and also strengthens yourself mentally. It is well suited to escape from the four walls.


Large range of fitness programs for training


The best little fitness equipment for home 2021 3

There are many programs that you can already use for your home workouts. There are programs specially designed for fitness such as Holodia and Viro Fit. There are many sports applications and there are physically demanding games that you can use for sports too.

Here you can see a list of apps provided by the VR Institute of Health. These are tested for how much physical exertion it takes.


Home fitness exercises that are fun


The best little fitness equipment for home 2021 4

You can also just play a variety of games that will also make you sweat. This burns calories, you lose a lot of weight and you have a lot of fun. It may well be that you don’t want to stop at all. Stay fit, get in shape and have fun.


Endurance training at home


The best little fitness equipment for home 2021 5

As an example, our Drill Track offers you running training in your own apartment. You can use it to train speed as well as endurance. As already mentioned, you can use the Quest with other endurance devices to increase efficiency.


Team sports in the living room

Participate in many of the available sports matches that are played by people from all over the world. You can interact, chat, and get a sense of community even though you’re home alone.


The sports equipment for home training

If you play a sport, such as ice hockey, squash, tennis, soccer, you can also do this in VR. There are many existing offers that can be used for this. As an example, it is also possible to sail in your living room.


So you can train VR fitness at home more effectively


The best little fitness equipment for home 2021 6

Some tips for efficient training. To increase efficiency and effectiveness, use additional weights, weight sleeves or resistance bands. Additionally, train with a breathing mask. This allows you to achieve more effective results with your training. Warm up your headset with a hair dryer beforehand, this will prevent the lenses from tarnishing.


Power fitness at home

With our Tower Workout or Reaction you can combine fitness and martial arts. The tower workout in particular can be very demanding. There are also other very exhausting applications such as The The Thrill the Fight, in which you can do your active boxing training, your boxing match virtually at home.


Group fitness courses for the home


The best little fitness equipment for home 2021 7

You can take a group fitness class with your friends or meet them after your workout. You are in your own room, which gives you a familiar atmosphere to train. We ourselves offer online courses in the virtual world that you can start yourself, as well as at fixed times.

Best sports equipment and fitness equipment for weight loss

Exercising to lose weight is mostly boring and takes a long time. In VR with the Quest it offers you a lot of entertainment, because the time goes by very quickly. You forget the time and it can happen that you train longer than you intended.

Fitness set for the home

If you are considering buying other fitness machine, you should also consider buying a Quest. Then you have a very effective fitness set for training at home.

A fitness machine for the whole body

The Quest and its offers are a fitness device to train the whole body. There are programs for functional training, yoga, martial arts and much more for almost all directions and types of training.


The multifunctional fitness device

It is a multi-fitness machine, or rather, a multi-function machine for fitness. With this device you can use it for much more than just training.

There is so much else you can do with the Quest. You can play games, be an artist. You can use them to explore and learn. Participate in events such as concerts and events. Meet up with friends and strangers.


It’s a new piece of sports equipment for the home

VR fitness is more of a new fitness area. The Quest pushed this again, especially Quest 2, which has been around for around 6 months.

Which fitness equipment to buy at home?

When deciding which fitness equipment to buy for home, you should definitely consider the Quest. With the purchase of 400$ it is relatively inexpensive for what it offers.


What’s the Best Small Home Fitness Machine 2021?

We mean the Quest. It is not a purchase recommendation, we only point out the advantages of the Oculus Quest. The only reason against a purchase recommendation or that we do not explicitly recommend buying it is the compulsory Facebook account. That is the only thing that speaks against it. The decision is yours!


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