The reason why the tower is down :( 1

The main reason why the tower is so popular for training is, without a doubt, the sound of Soundcloud. The combination results in a great workout experience. This is no longer available.

The reason

In August Soundcloud released an update for their API, which caused an interruption. We were able to get the tower up and running again with a workaround. Since last week, however, this no longer works.
The reason is the Soundcloud API no longer only works on the client side. What means, it no longer only works in your browser. With the new update, an authorization must be created on the server side for each user, which is valid for one hour and after has to be renewed. But the main problem the streaming no longer works, which makes the tower unusable.


How does it go on?

Soundcloud has no information on whether and when they will offer client-side support again.
We are looking for a solution and are testing a few alternative options. We are very interested in getting the tower up and running again, after all, he is the beginning of Towermax.Fitness.


Please be patient, we will inform you about the progress.

Update: The tower is temporarily running again!