The workout with the tower 1

How to train properly and efficiently with the Tower

Warm up is important

You can start in one of our relaxation zones and slowly activate your circulation. This increases the blood flow to your muscles and provides your body with sufficient oxygen. Another option is to start in the drill track and run a few laps to warm up.
Or directly start in the Tower Workout. Begin with a moderate sound and start exercising slowly. First start with simple, light movements and not with long distances.
You can also activate the Easy Mode, which is very suitable for warming up. If this is too easy for you, you can also start in normal mode and deactivate the goals page. You should do this for 1-2 tracks (music), that’s around 5-10 minutes.


The Tower Workout

The workout with the tower 2

Then you increase your performance to start the main workout. Adjust the tower setting according to your desired workout.
Adjust the range optimally to your training. If you plan to do performance training, choose a larger range. This means you have to move more. You can also change the range during training.
The light settings are a good way to influence your feelings and the atmosphere. They can also put you in a better party mood. Or the sunrise to start the day or the sunset for an evening workout.


The standard, the random training

Just get started right away with your power Tower Workout. It is easiest with the spontaneous mixed training, which is generated by chance. That can be highly effective. Let the sound surprise and guide you.


Loose movement

For a relaxed workout that is more focused on exercising the movements, you can use a moderate sound. An easy workout is also a good way to switch off with a little movement. With a casual workout, you can also keep your heart rate low in order to specifically burn fat.
If you reunite with the environment after a certain period of time, after releasing your body’s own opioids, the so-called endorphins, you can achieve a very harmonious emotional state and achieve a great training experience.


Intensive workout

An intensive training with a hard sound that pushes you to the limit. There is not much to say about hard training, the sound is hard as is the required performance that you need to achieve. It allows you to do efficiently, high-intensity training at your maximum heart rate. If you do not like to hear hard sound, give it a try anyway, it can be very motivating and performance-enhancing.



One possibility is a high intensity interval training with the timers available for members.
It is also possible to put together your own HIIT workout. The HIIT units: Exercise should be between 15 and 40 seconds (maximum 60 seconds), followed by a rest phase of 10 – 30 seconds. The rest phases correspond to half of the exercise phase. The total duration of the HIIT training should be between 15 and 40 minutes.
The effect of HIIT training is to maximize fat burning and increase endurance. The body has to expend a lot of energy after training to get back to normal; this causes the so-called afterburn effect. This effect can last for 1 to 2 days. The HIIT improves your condition about 3 – 4 times as fast as a moderate training.
For muscle building, it promotes the release of the growth hormone HGH. It is one of the most effective ways to increase growth hormone levels.
Note, there are no guidelines for your high-intensity interval training with the Tower Workout, you decide this yourself; you have the timer signal for changing the phases.



Refine technique

With the random or 4-combo mode you can train your coordination skills and combination of your strokes. Coordination is the ability to control and harmonize movements. With more combinations than 2 you train less intensely, but the physical coordination and exertion is higher for your boxing training. The technical coordination is also trained efficiently, so your reaction is also improved.
If you want to improve your technique, be sure to get the punches correctly. The hitting lines serve as an aid. With these you can see how your movements are going.
If you don’t have the necessary skills yet, start with a moderate sound, a 2-piece combination and deactivate the goals page. Of course, the tower is more of a rhythm training than a technique training such as our reaction. Nevertheless, it also allows you to work on your technique and improve it.


The breathing

As with combat training, you should exhale with forceful breaths while hitting. Coordinate your breathing with your movements. You have to provide your body with sufficient oxygen to keep you more productive.
You can also use a breathing training mask to strengthen your breathing muscles.


The duration of the workout

The training should last at least 20 minutes, but we recommend at least 30 minutes. A 60 minute workout is ideal. This can of course be exhausting, especially with a hard sound. You should exercise several times a week, with a day or two off to recover.


Use heart rate monitor

Use your heart rate monitor for targeted training and to burn fat more effectively. Low heart rates between 110 and 130 beats per minute are ideal. You can control this with the intensity of your movements and the selection of the sound type. As a member, you can connect your heart rate monitor to the tower. This currently only works with a smartphone.


How many calories are burned

It depends on the intensity of your training. According to measurements, you burn 600-700 calories in an hour with a moderate sound and around 1000 calories with a hard sound. These are relative figures, but if you use your heart rate monitor, you can see how many calories you have burned.



General information about the Tower Workout

There are no breaks and the workout is endless. Training is not over until you deactivate the tower. Everything is generated randomly; this means you always have a different workout.


The targets to hit

The workout with the tower 3

The combination of targets to hit appear as blocks. These take at least 20 seconds before they change. This gives you enough time to get used to the station wagon. Look at the front of the display to see where the goals are and with what rhythm. Start moving the suit to hit. If you master the combination, you can give power.

There are three directions in which the targets can be hit. From the front for Jap and Cross. From the side for hooks. And from below for uppercuts. You can also see the direction of the targets in the display through the cut-off circle. Where it is cut off, you should strike in this direction.
These directions are just a guideline, you can hit whatever you want. The whole thing is designed so that you can hit whatever you want. This allows you tight boxing suits as well as long martial arts punches. The most diverse types and styles are possible.
The targets are displayed in orange for left fist and blue for right fist. You have to hit the targets with the correct fist.
If you have activated the foot tacker, you can also kick. It helps you train your entire body better. Purple targets appear that you have to hit with your feet. When kicking there is no left or right, the targets can be hit with both feet.
When kicking, you should be careful not to get tangled with the cable. You should be sufficiently warmed and stretched before training.



The defense objects

The workout with the tower 4

The yellow defense objects are generally shorter blocks than the targets to hit.
There are the elongated bars where you have to endorphins down or sideways.
The alternating side blocks where you should move back and forth like a slalom. These can be confusing and heavy to the touch at first. If this is the case, start moving back and forth according to the rhythm. Then you will find the right rhythm and adapt yours. Once you figure these out, they are no longer difficult.
The flying fists, evasive training Training for your head movement technique promote your suppleness and reaction.
And then there is a kind of slip rope training in which you have to go through and change sides at the bottom.

There is also a combination with additional targets for hitting in between.
It can happen that when changing, the objects are superimposed on each other. This was left that way. This trains your concentration and stress management skills. You have to arrange yourself to adapt to the new defense art. Don’t let yourself be unsettled, concentrate and find out what the new defense object is like.
A tip, always keep moving so that you can react quickly.


The running platform

The workout with the tower 5

You can see this when you look down and see some kind of treadmill animation. Run while standing with your knees drawn up. You can also go jogging or dancing. It’s the only element that gives you some time to breathe.


Training statistics and progress

Registered as a member, the statistics of your training are saved. Membership is free. The statistics are designed for the individual tracks. You can see later on which track you have trained how much. Deactivate the tower at the end, so your entire training will be saved.


Your own playlist

If you don’t want to train according to the randomly generated order, you can also create your own playlist as a member.


More comfort

Use controller grips. You can hit better because of it. It gives you the opportunity to hold the controller loosely and thus better perform a natural punch. There are also advantages in keeping the controllers downwards. It noticeably improves training comfort. In addition, it prevents you from hitting your headset.

Buy special VR covers such as silicone covers to have better protection against sweating and soaking of the headset.
Wear a headband to catch the sweat before it runs into the VR headset.
Preheating the VR headset with a hair dryer is also highly recommended. This will prevent the lenses from fogging up.


Increased performance during training

To increase your training, you can wear weight vests and weight machines. But watch out for your joints. You can also use resistance bands for more stress. As already mentioned, you can use a breathing mask that strengthens your respiratory muscles.



Warm up and relax

What you can actively do for your recovery after training. After training with the Tower Workout, after which you have exhausted yourself, choose a moderate sound and start the end of the training to promote your regeneration.
Train a short sequence to bring your body into a relaxed state of rest. The duration of 1-2 tracks is around 5-10 minutes. This allows the body to shut down the cardiovascular system and metabolism.

Deactivate the tower and have a drink to promote your regeneration. You should also drink enough during exercise. You sweat during exercise and lose a lot of body fluids. Lots of fluids are good for metabolic functions and nutrients.
Place your drinking bottle in such a way that you can easily reach it in VR, but not walk around. If you have a hydration pack with a water hose, you can also use that. That simplifies drinking in the virtual world.
You can also eat healthy recovery foods that you have prepared and prepared before training.

Switch to the relaxation zones, first start your relaxing music in a new browser tab and start stretching. Do some light stretching to reduce any tension and regenerate faster.

You can also use a fascia roller as an aid. This helps you to detackify your muscular connective tissue and relax the deep muscles. At first it takes getting used to, but over time it works well in virtual reality as well. The virtual environment helps you to collect yourself mentally and to relax.
If you can, alternate between an ice bath and a heat bath. Or take a shower, alternating between hot and cold every half a minute.
You can increase the training effect with a healthy diet. The best place to lose weight is in the kitchen.


To note

Try to avoid overtraining. In virtual reality, there is a great risk that you will overexert yourself because it is timeless and great fun. Nevertheless, you should concentrate on stopping early and continuously increasing your training units. It is better to follow a build-up training concept and not always go straight to the limit.


Try it out now

If you don’t know the Tower Workout yet and you have VR equipment, just give it a try. You can start it directly in the browser without installation.